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As we are getting closer to the end of one very extensive October and we would like to recap on what has happened.   SynthesisVR 3.4 is out We added a static desktop timer functionality (turn it on from the desktop settings). During the VR sessions, the timer would stay on top of all your  Read more ➝

  2016 – An unforgettable year where the landscape of reality became virtual. An year where it began with virtual reality dedicated arcades, a new industry even Nostradamus couldn’t have predicted let alone Google. Everyone jumped in and naturally we took the dive as well.   During the early stages, there were not too many  Read more ➝

The Great C – now available for licensing on Synthesis Renowned sci-fi author Philip K. Dick became known for his odd, and often twisted narratives which covered near-future and themes that became popular in cyberpunk. One of his short stories, The Great C, has been adapted into virtual reality (VR) and will premiere at the  Read more ➝

Hi Fellow Arcade Owners, It’s been 2 months since SynthesisVR 3.1 was released. As version 3.2 (beta) is coming out next week, we are happy to give you a sneak peek of what to expect. Improvements and bug fixes: After 2 days of poor performance by our hosting provider back in May and after they  Read more ➝

Hi Fellow Arcade Owners, Finding the best games for your arcade isn’t either easy nor fast. Considering different genres, we chose and are happily presenting you some of your best options:   Kiss or Kill Welcome to Kiss or Kill: Trivia Royale, the ultimate trivia showdown! The social VR game show is filled with big  Read more ➝

Hi Fellow Arcade Owners, Along with all the excitement with the SynthesisVR 3.0 release, we also received great requests for new functionalities and business models. Thank you for being such an awesome community! What is new in SynthesisVR 3.1: Save games: We removed the required initial setup for the game progress functionality (also refereed as  Read more ➝

Hi Fellow Arcade Owners, It’s TIME TO CHANGE! As the out-of-home VR entertainments constantly gain more and more popularity, there are number of new solutions that aims to solve one or another issue. Usually, you would end up with a multitude of solutions such as: games launcher booking system waiver service discount solution(s) As arcade  Read more ➝

Hi Arcade Owners,   After keeping quiet for some time, we are happy to be back with a brand new web site and a series of awesome news.   In the past few months, we have been working extremely hard to polish and simplify Synthesis VR and to prove ourselves as the one-of-a-kind system. In  Read more ➝

Version 2.0 Release Notes Hi Arcade Owners, We already shared some screenshots and videos with some of you and now, we are pleased to announce SynthesisVR Version 2.0 is ready to release! Head to the download page and try it out. Prior Version 2.0 When we started the SynthesisVR development in 2016, we knew how important would  Read more ➝

Commercial VR Licenses – A partnership that counts! When we first launched VR Territory in June 2016, as a dedicated arcade for virtual reality, we were among the selected few. Virtual Reality was a cool, but fledgling tech novelty and not embraced by the mass market. At that time, the content available for arcades were  Read more ➝