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CDN Only Game Manuals

Important information for the free Synthesis subscription:

All the platform documentation can be found under:

The games installation folder is:

  • [DRIVE]:\SynthesisVR Exclusive Content\<Synthesis Game ID>\

Operating “The Raft” with a CDN only license:

  • You need a dedicated game server with a Standalone Server Module activated for it
  • Under “VR Stations”, edit the game server record and assign “The Raft” under “Dedicated Server Games”
  • On the same settings, edit the VR stations and assign “avatarid” -> 1 ; 2 ; 3 or 4 under “Own Station Parameters”
  • On the game server pc, call the following URL to set the number of players:
    • http://localhost:8080/control/setKeyVal/serverPlayers_4890/2
  • On the VR stations, call the following two URLs in the given order:
    • http://localhost:8080/control/StopCurrentGame
    • http://localhost:8080/control/startNetworkGame/4890
  • The game will be automatically launched on the server PC and the stations will automatically join the server. The game will automatically start within ~30 seconds.
  • If the players calibration is off, use the following URL on the game server to force recalibration:
    • http://localhost:8080/control/jsonrpc/4890/calibrate

All the URLs can be open from your main operator PC. Just replace “localhost” with the actual LAN IP address.


Operating “Blasters of the Universe: Infinity Forever” (BOTU) and “Paranormal Pest Patrol” (PPP) with a CDN only license:

Both games consist of 2 configuration files and both files have to be initially set prior playing the games. Both games requires the Standalone Game Server (SERVER) module for one of the network PCs.


  • BOTU file location: game installation folder -> BlastersFreeRoam_Data\StreamingAssets\config.json
  • PPP file location: game installation folder -> PPP_Data\StreamingAssets\config.json

On the SERVER pc, set the following file values:

  • “useOnlyLocalMachine”: true,
  • “server”: “”,
  • “playerName”: “SERVER”,
  • “isSpectatorEnabled”: true,
  • “playerIdentifier”: 0

On the actual VR station:

  • “useOnlyLocalMachine”: false,
  • “server”: “<THE_LAN_IP_ADDRESS_OF_SERVER>”,
  • “playerName”: “Player 1”,
  • “isSpectatorEnabled”: false,
  • “playerIdentifier”: 1

The playerName and playerIdentifier must be unique for each of the VR stations.



  • File location: game installation folder -> BlastersFreeRoam_Data\StreamingAssets\gameConfig.json

On the SERVER pc, set the following file values:

  • “experienceTimeSeconds”: 900, (time in seconds ; accept values in the 300 – 900 range)
  • “storyType”: “Long”, (accepted values: Short or Long)
  • “respawnLength”: 5,
  • “isRightHanded”: true,
  • “experienceSize”: “5×5” (accepted values in meters: 5×5 or 7×7 or 10×10)


  • File location: game installation folder -> PPP_Data\StreamingAssets\gameConfig.json

On the SERVER pc, set the following file values:

  • “experienceTimeSeconds”: 900, (time in seconds ; accept values in the 300 – 900 range)
  • “experienceId”: “PPP_LONG”, (accepted values: PPP_SHORT or PPP_LONG)
  • “experienceSize”: “5×5” (accepted values in meters: 5×5 or 7×7 or 10×10)

For both BOTU and PPP, the game must be launched first on the server and launched on the stations within the next 30 seconds.

For a simpler operator experience, we recommend both games to be used with the SynthesisVR Standard or Pro plans.

Operating “RevolVR” with a CDN only license:

  • In a multiplayer session, one of the stations acts as both a server and client and all the other stations are just clients. To start the server’s game instance, use the following command line:
    • RevolVR.exe -vr -culture=en -multiplayer_port=7777 -role=server -multiplayer=true -player_id=1 -player_name=John -number_of_players=5 -round_time=3
  • To star the clients (asuming the SERVER IP address is
    • RevolVR.exe -vr -culture=en -multiplayer_port=7777 -role=client -multiplayer=true -player_id=2 -player_name=Joe -number_of_players=5 -server_ip=
  • All the client instances must be started at least 5 seconds after the server instance. Otherwise, they wont be placed in the same multiplayer game.

Operating “Propagation: Top Squad” with a CDN only license:

  • The game ships with a local server that has to be started before starting the game and closed after the end of the play session. The server is lightwide and doesn’t require a separate PC. The computer runinng the server also can be used as a VR station.
    • Starting the server:
      • ::INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY::\Propagation_Zero\Binaries\Win64\Propagation_ZeroServer.exe EntryMap?listen -log -NotInstalled GameID=session_identifier LauncherURL= ServerPort=7770 Timer=20 NbPlayers=2 LOG=session\Server.log -nohmd
        • The NbPlayers parameter represents the expected number of players

    • Starting the players:
      • ::INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY::\Propagation_Zero.exe -vr EntryMap -NotInstalled ServerIP= ServerPort=7770 Pseudo=John GameID=session_identifier PlayerID=1 PlayerIndex=1 Language=en skiptuto=noskip LOG=session\Player1.log
      • ::INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY::\Propagation_Zero.exe -vr EntryMap -NotInstalled ServerIP= ServerPort=7770 Pseudo=Joe GameID=session_identifier PlayerID=2 PlayerIndex=2 Language=en skiptuto=noskip LOG=session\Player2.log