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CDN Only Game Manuals

Important information for the free Synthesis subscription:

All the platform documentation can be found under:

The games installation folder is:

  • [DRIVE]:\SynthesisVR Exclusive Content\<Synthesis Game ID>\

Operating “The Raft” with a CDN only license:

  • You need a dedicated game server with a Standalone Server Module activated for it
  • Under “VR Stations”, edit the game server record and assign “The Raft” under “Dedicated Server Games”
  • On the same settings, edit the VR stations and assign “avatarid” -> 1 ; 2 ; 3 or 4 under “Own Station Parameters”
  • On the game server pc, call the following URL to set the number of players:
    • http://localhost:8080/control/setKeyVal/serverPlayers_4890/2
  • On the VR stations, call the following two URLs in the given order:
    • http://localhost:8080/control/StopCurrentGame
    • http://localhost:8080/control/startNetworkGame/4890
  • The game will be automatically launched on the server PC and the stations will automatically join the server. The game will automatically start within ~30 seconds.
  • If the players calibration is off, use the following URL on the game server to force recalibration:
    • http://localhost:8080/control/jsonrpc/4890/calibrate

All the URLs can be open from your main operator PC. Just replace “localhost” with the actual LAN IP address.

Operating “Blasters of the Universe: Infinity Forever” (BOTU) and “Paranormal Pest Patrol” (PPP) with a CDN only license:

Both games consist of 2 configuration files and both files have to be initially set prior playing the games. Both games requires the Standalone Game Server (SERVER) module for one of the network PCs.


  • BOTU file location: game installation folder -> BlastersFreeRoam_Data\StreamingAssets\config.json
  • PPP file location: game installation folder -> PPP_Data\StreamingAssets\config.json

On the SERVER pc, set the following file values:

  • “useOnlyLocalMachine”: true,
  • “server”: “”,
  • “playerName”: “SERVER”,
  • “isSpectatorEnabled”: true,
  • “playerIdentifier”: 0

On the actual VR station:

  • “useOnlyLocalMachine”: false,
  • “server”: “<THE_LAN_IP_ADDRESS_OF_SERVER>”,
  • “playerName”: “Player 1”,
  • “isSpectatorEnabled”: false,
  • “playerIdentifier”: 1

The playerName and playerIdentifier must be unique for each of the VR stations.



  • File location: game installation folder -> BlastersFreeRoam_Data\StreamingAssets\gameConfig.json

On the SERVER pc, set the following file values:

  • “experienceTimeSeconds”: 900, (time in seconds ; accept values in the 300 – 900 range)
  • “storyType”: “Long”, (accepted values: Short or Long)
  • “respawnLength”: 5,
  • “isRightHanded”: true,
  • “experienceSize”: “5×5” (accepted values in meters: 5×5 or 7×7 or 10×10)


  • File location: game installation folder -> PPP_Data\StreamingAssets\gameConfig.json

On the SERVER pc, set the following file values:

  • “experienceTimeSeconds”: 900, (time in seconds ; accept values in the 300 – 900 range)
  • “experienceId”: “PPP_LONG”, (accepted values: PPP_SHORT or PPP_LONG)
  • “experienceSize”: “5×5” (accepted values in meters: 5×5 or 7×7 or 10×10)

For both BOTU and PPP, the game must be launched first on the server and launched on the stations within the next 30 seconds.

For a simpler operator experience, we recommend both games to be used with the SynthesisVR Standard or Pro plans.

Operating “RevolVR” with a CDN only license:

  • In a multiplayer session, one of the stations acts as both a server and client and all the other stations are just clients. To start the server’s game instance, use the following command line:
    • RevolVR.exe -vr -culture=en -multiplayer_port=7777 -role=server -multiplayer=true -player_id=1 -player_name=John -number_of_players=5 -round_time=3
  • To star the clients (asuming the SERVER IP address is
    • RevolVR.exe -vr -culture=en -multiplayer_port=7777 -role=client -multiplayer=true -player_id=2 -player_name=Joe -number_of_players=5 -server_ip=
  • All the client instances must be started at least 5 seconds after the server instance. Otherwise, they wont be placed in the same multiplayer game.

Operating “Propagation: Top Squad” with a CDN only license:

  • The game ships with a local server that has to be started before starting the game and closed after the end of the play session. The server is lightwide and doesn’t require a separate PC. The computer runinng the server also can be used as a VR station.
    • Starting the server:
      • ::INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY::\Propagation_Zero\Binaries\Win64\Propagation_ZeroServer.exe EntryMap?listen -log -NotInstalled GameID=session_identifier LauncherURL= ServerPort=7770 Timer=20 NbPlayers=2 LOG=session\Server.log -nohmd
        • The NbPlayers parameter represents the expected number of players

    • Starting the players:
      • ::INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY::\Propagation_Zero.exe -vr EntryMap -NotInstalled ServerIP= ServerPort=7770 Pseudo=John GameID=session_identifier PlayerID=1 PlayerIndex=1 Language=en skiptuto=noskip LOG=session\Player1.log
      • ::INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY::\Propagation_Zero.exe -vr EntryMap -NotInstalled ServerIP= ServerPort=7770 Pseudo=Joe GameID=session_identifier PlayerID=2 PlayerIndex=2 Language=en skiptuto=noskip LOG=session\Player2.log

Operating “The Hallow” and “NanoClash” with a CDN only license:

Both games requires a dedicated game server and SynthesiVR Access Point version 3.18.5 or newer.


  • Go to “Administration >> VR Stations >> Edit” and set the following under “Own Station Parameters”:
instancemodeClientVR Stations
static_session_idstatic00-0000-0000-0000-000000000000VR Stations and Server
freeroamsize7×7VR Stations and Server
forcePlayers5850 (for NanoClash)
forcePlayers5851 (for The Hallow)
Your number of stations. E.g:
VR Stations and Server
forceServer5850 (for NanoClash)
forceServer5851 (for The Hallow)
The LAN IP address of your dedicated game server. E.g:
VR Stations
playernameA default player name. E.g.:
VR Stations
  • After putting the settings in place, to sync the settings to the stations and the server, click the [Refresh] button in the Access Point app (on each individual station).
  • Launch the game on the stations and the server. Please note – it is important to use either the desktop shortcut or launch through the Access Point. Launching the games through the actual exe will start the game with missing parameters and it wont work. To integrate the games in a third party application, please use the following launch URLs:
    • svr://startGame/5850
    • svr://startGame/5851