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Synthesis VR is used in arcades all over the world generating millions of minutes. Synthesis VR is the first to “unlock” a dialog between the VR arcades and the VR studios, therefore making your plans of commercial distribution that much easier. An ecosystem that merges the VR STUDIOS and the COMMERCIAL ARCADES to license and track games without any complications. Find out who has joined Synthesis VR.

What makes Synthesis VR the best platform

for commercial game licensing

Synthesis VR is being used by numerous arcades all over the world. Joining Synthesis VR gives you instant access to many arcades and the ability to reach hundreds of potential licenses.

Multi faced licensing solutions – You can license your game based on usage, fixed license or give arcades discounts based on quantity, everything is easily configurable and populated through the entire system

Low Fees. Synthesis VR goal is to create an ecosystem helping studios and arcades, we feel keeping our fees to a minimum helps this overall goal.

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