Disrupting The VR Arcade Industry

SynthesisVR is a robust software platform with a comprehensive suite of features and applications that provides virtual reality (VR) entertainment locations complete control of their day-to-day business operations, and the ability to commercially license the latest VR games, educational and enterprise content.

With a commitment to excellence that has been the cornerstone of our journey since 2017, SVR has continually striven to elevate the operator/manager experience. Over the years, our platform has undergone multiple transformative iterations that are too long to list. Our dedication to innovation has ensured that SynthesisVR remains at the forefront of innovation, consistently pushing Location-Based VR (LBVR) to technological advancement.

As we march forward into the future, we’re thrilled to introduce Essential Access – a modular approach that provides operators with foundational access to the SynthesisVR platform, without any monthly commitment.

What is Essential Access?

Embarking on an exciting new chapter we created Essential Access with these objectives in mind:

Synthesis VR Smart Game Launcher Features for VR Arcade
Foundational Access to Synthesis VR

Gain access to an incredible array of games, take control of your content, initiate game launches, and run your arcade, all without the burden of monthly commitments!

Custom & Flexible

Our modular subscription empowers you with the power to select and integrate the features you find essential, giving you complete control!

Take Control With Local Manager

SynthesisVR is compatible with many other platforms and using our 

VR Location Management Software

Our cutting-edge Local Manager Desktop Application designed to streamline all the important VR operations effortlessly.

When You Choose Essential Access, You Receive:

local manager by synthesis vr

Our Cutting-Edge Local Manager App: Streamline VR Operations Effortlessly

A powerful, Free desktop application designed for VR arcades and entertainment locations that offer VR to its customers. With Local Manager, LBVR businesses can efficiently oversee their operations on a single PC, eliminating the need for monthly subscriptions for their stations. The Local Manager app enables you to install, and remotely control games on your PCs.

Access to Commercial Licensing

vr location management features

Interested In Essential Access?

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