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What is SynthesisVR?

SynthesisVR is a location management and content licensing platform for Virtual Reality entertainment centers or locations that use Virtual Reality for commercial purposes.

What VR headsets are supported?

SynthesisVR utilizes the SteamVR API and supports any HMD that is supported by SteamVR. This includes:

We are also working on integrating Android Based HMDs (PICO HMDs) which we will be announcing very soon.

How much is SynthesisVR?

Please check our pricing page for more information.

What languages are available?

The SynthesisVR platform comes in English.

Platform interface is supported in the following languages:

  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Bulgarian
  • Russian

The supported languages for the text-to-speech integration are:

Catalan ; Chinese ; Danish ; Dutch ; English ; French ; German ; Italian ; Japanese ; Korean ; Norwegian ; Spain ; Swedish ; Polish ; Portuguese ; Russian

The 3D customer environment comes is UTF8 compatible, so you can easy translate the default texts to any language. Same applies for the game categories.

What games can I license?

Visit our Content Store for all the games you can license.

Do I have to be a paid subscriber to license games?

SynthesisVR has a free plan where you can license games that are delivered using our content delivery network. To find out which games go to our Content Store and click SynthesisVR CDN Filter on the top.

Is there a trial period before subscribing?

Yes SynthesisVR comes with a full trial option with no limitations except licensing games. You can try all our features and if you need more time to test please email us and we will extend your trial. To trial SynthesisVR go to our Pricing Page and fill out our Trial Form.

Can you help me with the initial installation?


Once you contact us for a free trial we will work with you closely and on the given day and time, we’ll remotely install everything for you through a screen share where we not only go through the install and basics of Synthesis VR with you one on one, we discuss the various use case scenarios, answer questions, and work with you to make sure your trial and future use of Synthesis VR is successful.

How can I terminate the subscription to SynthesisVR?

Please email us at : to cancel or suspend your subscription.

Which merchant processors are supported with SynthesisVR online booking platform?

We have a number of different credit card processors that are supported  within SynthesisVR and these currently are:

    • Square
    • Stripe
    • PayPal IPN
    • WorldPay Online
    • Omega Online
    • Monetico
    • PagSeguro
    • Societe Generale
    • Paysera
    • BNP Paribas
    • Klarna Checkout

Integrating the above merchant processors are free except Klarna. If you wish to integrate your own merchant processor please contact us.

Does SynthesisVR support ApplePay / Android Pay with the synthesis booking widget checkout?

We currently have our Payment API which allows us to reuse your customer’s information via tokens stored with the Payment Processor. However, this method doesn’t provide Apple / Google Pay hooks. To support that, you need the Checkout form through SynthesisVR. As this basically is a new payment method for Synthesis, there will be an integration fee. This request is on the SynthesisVR development roadmap and if completed, we’ll probably provide the method for free in the future.

How to check the payment history and the current month usage?

You can view the payment history by following the below step. Please go to 

Administration >> Arcade Setup >> SynthesisVR Subscriptions

Here you can click on Payment History in order to get your monthly invoice and payment history.

To see the usage thus far in the current month, Please go to 

Administration >> Games & Licensing >> Your Games 

Click on the Billing tab and that will show your running total for each game with the total at the bottom.

How can I integrate SynthesisVR booking widget to my website?

You can easily integrate SynthesisVR booking widgets to your website by following this guide:

The widget can be customized according to your website design since Custom CSS is supported.

Do you provide waivers for my customers?

Yes we provide a default waiver that can be customizes based on your state requirements. Having the right waiver and terms and conditions is a responsibility of the actual location and not SynthesisVR. Please make sure you follow your state or province laws.

For more information on how to integrate the waiver and how to send waiver link for customer sign up please follow this guide:

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