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Incarna – Setup Instructions

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1. Required SynthesisVR Version: | Make sure you are using the V4 interface
2. SynthesisVR subscription for the Incarna commercial license is mandatory
Standalone Game Server setup:
3. Go to “Administration >> Games & Licensing >> Your Games” and click on “Incarna”
4. Switch to the “Plugins” tab and install all the plugins
5. Once the setup is done, click the “Refresh” button on all the stations and the new settings will apply.
6. Start a new VR session and launch Incarna for all stations. If you do that along with the session start, once you start the session, you’ll get another popup for the game settings (Game Duration and Game Difficulty)

Solve Issues:

  • If the game launch and fail with a DRM error – restart SteamVR
  • Make sure the network adapters of all your stations is set to “Private” and the Windows firewall is turned off for Private networks

Post-installation operation instructions: please read Game Master Guide V1.1

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