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Standalone Game Server Module

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As more multiplayer games requires a dedicated game server instance and each game handles that in its own own, the need of proper handling of such instances emerged.
The “Standalone Game Server Module” provides multiple advantages in that direction:

  • It allows installing games
  • You don’t have to manually start those games for every session. Instead, the module monitors your arcade activities and start the games when needed
  • No commercial charges applies for the games

To get access to the module:

  1. Install the regular “SynthesisVR Access Point” app on the PC that will be the server
  2. Make sure all your VR stations are running version 3.9.2 or newer
  3. Under the “Settings” button, make sure you have Synthesis running “V4 beta 2” or newer. This have to be enabled for the server PC along with all the VR stations.
  4. Subscribe the PC for the “Standalone Game Server Module” and then click “Refresh” in the Access Point app. The PC status should change to “Dedicated Game Server”
  5. Under “Administration >> Arcade Setup >> VR stations”, edit the subscribed PC and assign the game(s) under the “Dedicated Server Games”
  6. To use the module together with any Engine values (= startup arguments or configuration files), start a new Synthesis session without pre-selecting the game. Once the session start, hit the “Change Game” button and select the game – this will let you setup custom game parameters like maps, teams and so on.


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