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Steam Environment Branding

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Important – this guide should be used only by companies looking to adjust the environment on their own. In the regular case, mail you logo to and we will do it for you.

  • Upload the newly created ZIP file(s) online, in a way they can be accessed  If the zip file is and your domain is, you can aim to have the file accessible under:
  • At this point you are done with the branding. Go to “Administration >> Customizations >> Branding and Voice Prompts” under your SynthesisVR account
  • Do the following changes:
  • Controller zip file url =
  • Controller main object path =controller_arcade/vr_controller_vive_1_5.obj


Use the same logic to adjust the “Room” and “Basestation” settings.
Note 1: make sure you are setting both – the URL and the object path
Note 2: for each of the branding elements, you can leave both fields (url + path) empty. In that case, SynthesisVR wouldn’t be trying to change them and you can use the Steam settings to setup the specific elements.

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