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Work Hours – By Duration

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  1. From the Administration menu, click on the “Business Hours” button.

  1. From the Work Hours screen, click on 3 dots in the top right to open the Options menu then click on the “Add New Duration Base Rule” button. Or you can edit the existing Rule by clicking the EDIT Button to any rule.

  1. When the window pops up, you can enter in the Title of your Rule. Best practice for naming would be to title different rules based on Day (of the week) and possible Time as well (for example, Thursday 12-6 or Weekend 5pm-10pm). You can also differentiate them with a numerical value, “01 Tuesday-Thursday 6pm-11pm”, as an example. Once you see how in depth you can make these rules and you have added several more, you may end up editing this title in the future. 

  1. When you click on one of the blue headings that have a “+” next to them, that will add a new “sub rule” to this particular section. 

Click on the “Add Experience, Duration and Billing +” button adds an Experience, duration, and billing line item. You can add multiple line items to this section by clicking the “Add Experience, Duration and Billing +” button again for as many different versions you want to add. You’ll need to choose the Experience Type (explained in another section of the manual), the Duration of the session and the Cost of this one line item. Each line item can have a different variation of each of the sections.

To remove a line item in this section, click on the red “x” to the right of it.
Note that when creating multiple Experience/Duration, the system will create copies based on the original Title. You can go back in after creating to update the Title accordingly.

  1. Add in tax (if applicable in your state/country) in the “Sales Tax in %” section or leave it blank if you don’t charge tax, and enter in the open time and close time for this rule by clicking in the “Open Time” and “Close Time” sections and typing in the appropriate times (24 hour format). The open and close times can be any time within your open hours (be sure that the close time is after the open time), so different rule groups could have different open times, but this particular rule group will share those same hours. For example, you can have certain rules only apply between the hours of 12pm – 6pm. You can also refine them by day below that by checking or unchecking certain days of the week in the “Days” section (checking the “Day” option selects all days during the week. For example, you can have certain rules only apply on Fridays and Saturdays by unchecking Monday-Thursday.

* Note that if your arcade is open past midnight, you’ll need to create 2 sets of rules one ending at 24:00:00 and the other starting at 00:00:00.

  1. Choose the effective dates of this rule using the “First Date” and “Active Until” sections. If it’s something you will offer any time your arcade is open, choose a starting date of today or earlier and an end date that is far into the future. You can also restrict this rule to only be applicable for a certain date range. This will be extremely useful if you have a promotion that can only be booked for, as an example, the month of August.

For “Allow Overlap With Other Rules”, keep that at “Yes” for all your main rules, the ones that cover all your normal business hours, and the ones that will affect your online reservations. You’ll want to set this to “No” if you’re setting this up for a holiday (for example) or for a unique event that matches other rules that are have the same day and time range.

  1. Enter in the maximum number of games/experiences that can be played during the session in the “Maximum Games Per Session” section. Leave it blank for no maximum. Add amount of minutes for cleaning in the “Cleaning Time” section. This will affect what times you can add in adjacent reservations, allowing you time to clean between sessions. Leave this blank if you want to keep reservations back to back.

If you want to apply discounts to the session, click on the “Discount IDs +” button. If you have more than one discount set up, you can click on the arrow beside the discount name and choose the appropriate discount. You can also add multiple discount to one rule by clicking on the “Discount IDs+” button. For more more information on discounts (including how powerful they can be in combination with hours/days), head over here:

  1. If you’d like to add in announcements about how much time is left (announced in minutes), click on the “Voice Announcements (minutes) +” button. You’ll need to enter in the minutes remaining and the system will announce the remaining minutes at that allotted time. You can add multiple time announcements by clicking the “Voice Announcements (minutes) +” button as many times as you need announcements. Note that the shortest time remaining will have a “final” announcement that you’ll need to set up in customization settings. You can adjust that and the standard announcements in the settings section.

If you need to remove either a discount or a voice announcement time, click on the red “x” on the right of it.

  1. To add game categories to a session, click on the “Available Games +” button. Using the drop down arrow, you can choose the game list you want to appear. If you’d like to have multiple categories for a customer to choose from, click on the “Available Games +” button again for as many game categories you want to have available to the customer. Note that they will show up in the order you have them set to within the VR game list.

To remove a game category, click on the red “x” to the right of the category you want to remove.

  1. Once you’ve entered in all the necessary (and optional) sections, you will see that the “Save” button is now solid and clickable. Click that to save, otherwise your edits will be lost. If you want to exit and start over click the tiny “x” button in the top right of the window or click the “Hide” button at the bottom of the window.
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