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Slide Features Equipped with Everything for Easy Arcade Automation In built Membership Function Multiple Experience with Parties Custom Idle, Intro and Outro Videos Custom Booking Platform Offline Support for Events Slide 2A Features Customers Saved up to 60% Using Synthesis VR Centralized Operator Automation Smartphone & Tablet Compatible Manage Online, Phone and Walk-ins Financial & Usage Reporting Track Customer Profile & Games Slide 3A Features KATVR Single & VRMIS Multiplayer Integration Launch KATVR Games Through Synthesis Easy Integration Commercial Game Licensing Interactive Voice Chat E-sports & Live Streaming Slide 4A Features Automated Free Roam Integration Free Roam & Room Scale Support Easily Switch with Chaperone Management Launch Multiple Players with One Click Easy and Affordable Licensing Intelligent Gaming Server

Perfect Intergration

Smart management platform with countless features, integration and reporting!


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Smart Game Launcher

With SynthesisVR Smart in-Headset Game Launcher, now players can easily browse games and switch games in an instant without any assistance. More Features include:

In-Headset Game Preview

Game Pause Option

Call For help

Unlimited Game Categories


Amazing Practical
Features Included

SynthesisVR provides so many features and utilities like built in-waiver, customizable booking platform, Integration with popular products and much more that help running your business a breeze.


Free Roam

The only platform to support free roam and room scale VR experience with our automated chaperone management


Idle Video

Synthesis VR automatically downloads your game trailers to attract customers, you can also customize for promos


Customer Profiles

Individual profiles that help save games, track games and session. Leading to higher retention


Voice Chat Assistance

Customers and Operators can interact with each other using our smart voice service


Unlimited Experiences

Create your own experiences and pricing and cater to multiple audiences, don't limit your business


Centralized Platform

Launch multiple stations with multiple games and track every reservation from a centralized admin panel

No 1 in
Customer Retention & Scalability

Built in smart features like customer profile, feedback, membership, gift card vouchers, mixed reality, email integration and much more gives you the flexibility and freedom to retain customers and scale your business



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Content Licensing

License hundreds of content and license games with a click, You can also bundle different pricing options for extra affordability


Location Membership

Memberships - Are a very effective customer retention tool, now with SynthesisVR in-built membership you can easily sign up customers, create recurring billing and track


Booking Platform

SynthesisVR comes with a booking platform with embed or widget option that can be customized with CSS to suit your web design language and branding

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