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Synthesis VR

SynthesisVR – Infinity Photogrammetry Stadium


With a great pleasure, we are happy to index a news.

We all have our favorite team. We follow, love and support it.

We are all busy people, but if we have the opportunity, we are at the stadium. However, if you are lucky, that opportunity comes once every few years. It often involves trips and a lot of planning. Shortly – your desire to throw money on watching how people run after a ball becomes one of a hard task! In 21st century, we indeed have television, but this is no longer enough. It isn’t immersive and you are stuck with a biased commentator and limited screens. In the era of smartphones, the limitation is even more sensible.

SynthesisVR in partnership with a well known HMD manufacturer, Nokia, Florentino Pérez, Claudio Lotito, Qatar Sports Investments, Fenway Sports Group, The Glazer Family and Steve Ballmer developed a solution for the now known as “the stadium problem”!

What it is about:

With the 5G being around the corner we believe the live sport streaming will shift away from the small screen. Even if you own a 60″ TV, it is still small compared to what we have here (sorry guys and don’t hurry on throwing the TV). Now, in 2019, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to technologies of the past. Think big! Push the boundaries of your imagination!

Welcome to the “SVR eSport Network”!

With an overall investment of $670,000,000, we developed the technology of tomorrow – IPS (Infinity Photogrammetry Stadium). With a cost of just $3,000,000 per stadium and literally, no ongoing maintenance expenses, each club will be able to deliver an unbeatable experience to their supporters.

How it work:

SynthesisVR ties into the existing cameras, takes the ouput and convert it into multiple 360 video streams.



Thank to a now patented technology, the 360 capture position can be shifted per HMD, letting you move, jump, scream and enjoy your stay. All thanks to the powerful SynthesisVR Voice and IPS technologies. As good as actually being there! This is how Sport is meant to be truly enjoyed and this is what eSport will become in the next decade. It is a truly multiplayer experience on stadiums that now can fit millions.

After months of brainstorming, we succeed to finally sign on 8 years deal. Here is the bomball the accompanying applications will be distributed exclusive to Location Based VR.

Stay tuned and welcome to your future.


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