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World Of Tanks VR Now Available On Synthesis VR

World Of Tanks VR Now Available On Synthesis VR.



World of Tanks (WoT), a pure tank battle simulator featuring mid-20th century tanks was the most anticipated mmo (massive-multiplayer-online) game of 2010. The game reached a user base of over 700,000 by the end of its first year with its genuinely fun and realistic game play. By 2011 the immensely popular title reached 3 million registered users worldwide and broke the record for the most players simultaneously online with 91,311. Remaining in the top-10 most played PC games today, with tens of millions of fans worldwide, World of Tanks has seen releases on Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS, Android, and macOS. Wargaming has continued to innovate with its augmented reality title experience, World of Tanks AR, and its made for virtual reality adaptation World of Tanks VR via virtual reality venues and arcades. First released to the public a year ago in Russia, the World of Tanks VR game finally comes to SynthesisVR this September.



World of Tanks VR is designed from scratch for socially interactive and competitive location-based entertainment with 2 – 4 player matches. With intuitive controls that maintain the realism of a tank battle, players use their motion controllers to steer, drive, aim and shoot. Like the original WoT, each tank has unique characteristics that come with its advantages and disadvantages. Choose the light and nimble LTTB tank for a major mobility advantage but be wary if you come face to face with the slow but heavily armored and powerful IS-3. For balanced play, start with choosing the medium T-144 tank. Players will enjoy these gameplay dynamics even more in teams of 2 as they use the hilly terrain and winding road to stage their ambush. Realistic maps are filled with obstacles, shelters and tons of destructible objects making it a blast just driving the tank and blowing things to smithereens.


Features Includes:

  • LAN multiplayer (shall we post a link on how-to set it up, or explain in plain words)
  • Modes: the game is available in Deathmatch (everyone is an enemy) and Team Deathmatch modes where you couple with a friend to beat the other team.
  • Content: 3 unique types of tanks (LTTB, T-144, IS-3) and 3 stunning maps (medium-sized summer – Citadel, small winter – Monastery, and large winter – Blizzard)
  • Duration: designed for high velocity approx. 8 min sessions with an optional tutorial and 2 battle rounds of 3 min each.


The official launch date is Friday September the 13th as the World Of Tanks VR Global Arcade Invasion Day. The launch date will feature prizes, giveaways and promotions for World Of Tanks fans coming out to their local arcade to get in on the action and is anticipated to be one of the largest location based VR events to date.


All LBVR operators will have access to license WoT VR without a subscription to Synthesis, making WoT VR available to every arcade non exclusive of any management software. This open philosophy coupled with Synthesis VR’s fair country rates will ensure World Of Tanks VR is enjoyed across the globe. World Of Tanks VR will be distributed via Synthesis VR’s content delivery network and is available for licensing immediately. Synthesis VR’s distribution network is a true business-class solution allowing for tighter control over downloading, launching, tracking, updating, and protecting content in a commercial environment.


To license World Of Tanks VR for your venue and participate in the Global Arcade Invasion Launch Day Event, please contact


To learn more about World Of Tanks VR Click Here.




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