Swords Of Gargantua 4 Player Action Hits Synthesis VR

Swords Of Gargantua 4 Player Action Hits Synthesis VR Los Angeles, California – October  28, 2019   Today Synthesis VR and Yomuneco a subsidiary of gumi Inc., announced a partnership to distribute SWORDS OF GARGANTUA to virtual reality arcades worldwide. The title is available immediately on Synthesis VR’s commercial content platform.  SWORDS of GARGANTUA is the most realistic vr sword combat game in the world.  Featuring realistic physics, over 100 quests, and dozens of melee weapons, players will be fully immersed as they embark on the fast-paced arena-style action.   Friends and family up to 4 players will be able to join forces and face the powerful gargantua‘s. In a world stricken by the alphas, the godlings are the only hope to restore harmony. Equipped with multiple weapons including a variety of swords, nunchucks, ax, throwing blades, morning starts, and a shield, the battles are fierce and realistic. The realistic physics are a result of Yomunecos advanced collision system and knowledge of melee combat. Each weapon and shield has a specific strength and weakness offering a unique gameplay strategy. A short sword has more defensive qualities, but less powerful, ideal for facing large groups of weak enemies. A longer, more powerful sword is best wielded when facing a single strong enemy but may be slower to attack with and quickly reduce your stamina.   Beyond the combat, arcade players will enjoy hanging out in the multiplayer lobby together. The lobby allows players to practice with different weapons. With full-body avatars, players will surely enjoy seeing each other as samurai-like warriors. Playing with the ball and cup weapon, and miniaturized figurines of the godlings will also provide fun follies for families before the fight even begins. Synthesis VR is excited to offer Swords of Gargantua to its partner arcades. Parents, grandparents, kids, couples, and friends will now be able to cast themselves as the hero in this epic journey. Shabeer Sinnalebbe, CEO of Synthesis VR on the partnership,”Swords of Gargantua is a very realistic swordplay action game that is fun for the whole family. It is already a very popular game, and I believe bringing Swords of Gargantua to all the VR locations worldwide is going to benefit the arcades in a big way, attracting new customers and retaining customers which is a big issue when it comes to arcades. Games like Swords of Gargantua make this happen and we are pleased to announce the availability globally through SynthesisVR.” Check out Sword Of Gargantua here!   For additional information please contact info@synthesisvr.com   Synthesis VR: Founded in 2016, Synthesis VR was designed by pioneering LBVR operators to provide the critical software needed to operate a location-based virtual reality center. Synthesis VR platform provides its partners with the opportunity to offer a seamless out of home virtual reality experience. Synthesis VR offers commercial content distribution and provides both technical and conceptual support to assist developers in successfully deploying their content for out of home consumption.   YOMUNECO, Inc. is a VR game development company based in Tokyo. Mr. Hironao Kunimitsu of gumi Inc. serves as President and CEO, along with Kiyoshi Shin, who is familiar with the VR industry. The company vision is to “Contribute to the development of society by creating an interactive environment for multiple users in the space where you feel most comfortable” through planning, developing and managing VR games.