What are Synthesis VR requirements?

Synthesis VR (SVR) comes in two parts. The “VR Main Server” and “VR Station” modes.

The “VR Server” mode should run on only one of the PCs in your arcade. Despite both modes can be installed on a same PC, we recommend to install the Server on your operator PC or on a dedicated server PC.

If you are using all of the SynthesisVR functionalities (like video streaming and voice chat), running the Server and the VR Station modes on a same PC could impact the overall experience. Having a dedicated PC will improve the overall performance of the solution.

What VR headsets are supported?

SynthesisVR utilizes the SteamVR API and supports any HMD that is supported by SteamVR. This includes:

How much is Synthesis VR?

Synthesis VR is $25 per month per VR station. Discounts are available for arcades with at least 10 VR stations.

I only use a portion of your tools. Can I get a discount?

We’ve priced Synthesis VR low so that you don’t have to worry about the cost.
Furthermore, all the Synthesis VR tools are there for a reason. We do believe, as you develop your arcade(s), you’ll fall in love with all of them.

What languages are available?

The SynthesisVR platform comes in English.

The supported languages for the text-to-speech integration are:

Catalan ; Chinese ; Danish ; Dutch ; English ; French ; German ; Italian ; Japanese ; Korean ; Norwegian ; Spain ; Swedish ; Polish ; Portuguese ; Russian

The 3D customer environment comes is UTF8 compatible, so you can easy translate the default texts to any language. Same applies for the game categories.

What games are supported?

Synthesis VR platform is completely automated and would recognize any game installed on your PCs.

Note: SynthesisVR does NOT support the “Viveport Arcade” and “Omniverse” platforms. They are closed systems and do not provide support for third party launchers. 

What Operation Systems are supported?

Synthesis VR is an online platform and can be used to track all kind of activities. Despite we are focused on VR, you can use us to track time in bowling venues, escape rooms, etc. You could use Synthesis VR even with Playstation VR (PSVR).

For your high end VR stations, we recommend “Windows 10 Home”.

Can you help me with the initial installation?


Let us know a day in advance and we’ll remotely install everything for you.

Depending on your internet speed, the installation takes just 2 minutes per VR station and 5 minutes for your Server PC.

Upon your request – free remote training is available as well.

What makes you the right solution for my business?

SynthesisVR stands out with a bunch of unique features. Our mission isn’t to provide an accompanying software, but to deliver a mature solution that would help you grow your business on daily bases.

  • Voice chat between your customers
  • 2D and 3D game launchers
  • Optimized customer assistance
  • Per customer game progress
  • Customers feedback (Survey)
  • Online widgets

That are just few of the tools that would make your customers loves you.

What your game launcher looks like?

Our mix of 2D and 3D environments eliminates all the downsides that comes as result of a pure 3D environment.

With SynthesisVR, your customers would be able to:

  • Enter into a beautiful 3D environment and watch a video presentation of your arcade.
  • View all your available games, categorized into intuitive in VR selection ; watch a trailer for every game
  • Pass an intuitive tutorial and get used to the VR controllers
  • Call your operator for assistance
  • Check their session time without the need to quit the currently running game

The 3D environment is running only when it is needed, this making it to respect your energy consumption.

All the video files are cached locally on the VR server, so no unnecessary bandwidth consumption would affect the online gameplay of your other customers.

And it is all 100% branded with your logo. 

Can I obtain commercial game licenses directly via Synthesis VR?


We do offer both – per minute and fixed fee license options.

Furthermore, our intuitive approach significantly decreases the distribution fees, making it all far more affordable for your business.