Unparalleled Customer Experience

With In-built waiver and integrated customer management platform, your arcade has the peace of mind , track all your customers, receive feedback, and with Facebook login integrated target customers in an effective manner.

With our easy online widget add on and booking platform you can accept bookings online, walk ins and over the phone. Synthesis VR also helps you integrate all the popular merchant providers, making it easy for your customers to book online.

Multi Language and Worldwide Currency Support. Synthesis VR now supports multiple languages and different currency denominations. Our Interface can be easily translated to your native language giving your arcade greater flexibility.

Multiple hardware and experience support. With Synthesis VR you can offer multiple hardware experiences like the vive, vive pro, oculus rift, windows HMDs and also hardware such as Virtuix Omni, Virzoom bikes, Holodia equipment and many more. 

Centralized Booking Platform

With Synthesis VR now you can easily accept online bookings, walk ins and phone reservations, accept multiple methods of payments, give bonus time to customers, extend time, while tracking all your past and future reservations. A complete solution for any VR Arcade.

Commercial Game License Platform

The only online marketplace that creates a dialog between the developers and arcades with features like multifaceted billing option. Add popular games like Arizona Sunshine and Raw Data in minutes. Please click here for more information.

Arcade Automation

With our easy guided set up, centralized booking and payment platform, tracking, automated game changer, in-depth reports for usage and financials, QR codes, voice prompts, automated live recording and upload feature and many other features that help your arcade automate most of the functions by increasing efficiency and reducing your overhead cost.

Interactive Voice Chat

With our State of the art voice chat feature; customers from the same group can now interact with each other for a much more immersive and enjoyable experience even if they aren’t playing the same game.

Unparalleled Customer Experience

Game Launcher without the interruption – A fully immersive game launcher with intuitive tutorials, unlimited game categories and parental control, introductory videos for each game, Synthesis VR transports users to a whole new arcade experience. While customers are playing a game our 2D game launcher lets customers easily switch or they can go back to their old game without starting all over.

Membership and Discount Features

Synthesis VR has an in built and in depth membership and discount feature that can be customized according to your arcade. Now you can offer memberships, offer multiple reservations discounts and discounts based on certain days etc.

In-Game Voice Assistance

Now you and and your team can offer assistance to your customers through direct chat.  If your customers are having issues you can help them directly by talking to individual stations.

Integrated Marketing & Customer Management Functions

With our various marketing functionalities listed here, arcade automation and customer retention programs growing your arcade can be done seamlessly.

  • Discounts Manager
  • QR Code Scanner
  • Gift Cards
  • AD Placement
  • Live Video Streaming
  • OBS Provisioning
  • Video Recording
  • Video Over Email