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Synthesis VR Features

Synthesis VR isn’t just a platform; it’s your partner in entrepreneurial success. With features such as centralizing device management, offering a vast game libraryenhancing customer experiencessimplifying billingstreamlining reservations, and providing actionable insights, Synthesis VR equips you with the tools you need to thrive.

Effortless Device Management

At the core of any successful VR arcade is the management of VR devices. Synthesis VR simplifies this process by providing intuitive device management tools. From ensuring devices are up and running to troubleshooting issues swiftly, you’ll have complete control over your VR hardware.

A Comprehensive Business Solution

Imagine having the ability to manage your VR devicesgamescustomersbillingreservations, and much more, all from one convenient location. Synthesis VR turns this dream into a reality, making it the ultimate solution for VR arcade owners.

Content Licensing Platform

The lifeblood of any VR arcade is its game library. With Synthesis VR, you can easily curate an extensive collection of VR games to keep your customers engaged and entertained. From thrilling free-roam adventures to immersive standalone experiences, the platform offers an impressive selection.

Customer-Centric Features

Outstanding customer experiences are at the heart of Synthesis VR’s mission. The platform offers robust customer management tools, allowing you to keep track of customer preferencesbookings, and interactions. Synthesis VR is the only VR arcade management platform that allows you to save customer’s game save data.  Providing personalized service has never been easier.

Reservations & Booking

Managing reservations can be a daunting task, but not with Synthesis VR. The platform offers a user-friendly reservation system that simplifies the booking process for both customers and staff, eliminating scheduling conflicts and ensuring a smooth customer experience.

Real-Time Analytics

To make informed decisions that drive your business forward, access to data is crucial. Synthesis VR provides real-time analytics, giving you insights into usage patternspeak hours, and customer behavior. These valuable insights empower you to optimize your operations.

Synthesis VR Smart Game Launcher Features for VR Arcade

Smart Game Launcher

Introducing Synthesis VR Smart In-Headset Game Launcher, a game-changing feature that empowers players to effortlessly browse and switch between games without needing any assistance.

content licensing features

Content Licensing

Synthesis VR is at the forefront of getting the best virtual reality games for commercial licensing. VR locations can license & install games with a click of a button

location membership features

Location Membership

Memberships – Are a very effective customer retention tool, now with SynthesisVR in-built membership you can easily sign up customers, create recurring billing and track sessions from a centralized admin panel

booking platform features

Booking Platform

Use the SynthesisVR booking platform to get online bookings from your customers. Customize the platform to your design with CSS. Our advanced integration has many features allowing you to build a platform that can suit every need

Customer Retention is the
Key to Success for VR Arcades

Leveraging our extensive experience in operating VR Arcades and collaborating with numerous locations, SynthesisVR has meticulously developed a range of tools and features. These include individual customer profiles with detailed game tracking, customer feedback mechanisms, membership options, gift card voucher management, and seamless email integration with both MailChimp and Active Campaign.

customer retention features

Synthesis VR is a Commercial Licensing Platform

Quality content is essential for delivering an outstanding customer experience. SynthesisVR leads the way in offering exceptional content to VR arcades worldwide. With a library of over 300 games and ongoing additions, you can effortlessly license, install, manage, and track your games. You can easily obtain commercial licenses for free-roam, standalone, racing, and other content from a single central hub.

The synthesis vr support team features for vr arcade

Active and Motivated Support Team

At Synthesis VR, our commitment to your success extends beyond our cutting-edge software, features and immersive gaming experiences. We take immense pride in our active and motivated support teams based in both North America and Europe. Our dedicated professionals are more than just support; they are your partners on the journey to arcade management excellence. Whether you’re seeking guidance on software installations, troubleshooting technical challenges, or exploring new opportunities in the ever-evolving VR landscape, our support teams stand ready to assist you every step of the way. With timely responses, expert insights, and a genuine passion for your success, our North American and European support teams are your trusted allies in the world of virtual reality arcade management. We’re here to ensure your VR arcade operates seamlessly, allowing you to focus on what matters most: delivering unforgettable experiences to your customers.

Additional Features

Synthesis VR Supports 3rd Party Integration


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