Game Promotions

Games on Promotions Los Angeles, CA (May 27, 2021) — GAMES ON PROMOTIONS The current COVID 19 pandemic which has been going on since March 2020 has affected every business especially the entertainment industry. VR Locations are one of the most affected small businesses and many locations have permanently closed due to this. We have been […]


FREE EARLY ACCESS FOR ALL LOCATIONS Los Angeles, CA (May 22, 2021) — Synthesis VR is excited to bring BLAST ON ARCADE EARLY ACCESS in partnership with RESOLUTION GAMES to VR locations all over the world. In this slow-motion bullet-hell, duck, dodge, and weave to evade incoming attacks while preparing your dazzling next combos in a flash of skill. You’ll feel […]


VIRTUAL REALITY SCIENCE CURRICULUM Los Angeles, CA (May 08, 2021) — SYNTHESIS VR is excited to re-introduce you to VictoryXR’s Science Curricula. The first – and only – virtual reality science curricula aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Educators can rest easy knowing that each VR experience correlates with a specific standard or substandard […]