A brief history of VR streaming

VR headsets and issues faced by the early adopters With the first wave of modern VR headsets, the cables have always been a struggle. Figuring out the cable management can be a problem on its own, but cables breaking every 2 to 4 months has always been a huge (sensible is the wrong word to […]

Rhythmatic – The top rhythm game now free until March 2021!

Rhythmatic hits the top 20 after just 2 weeks and Blackwall Labs make it free until March! After an extensive BETA period, the arcade exclusive, multiplayer, beat slicer, Rhythmatic was released on December the 1st. Just 2 weeks later and the game is already among the highest trending games on SynthesisVR. In what we are […]

SynthesisVR and KATVR together for a unified ecosystem

SynthesisVR and KATVR together for a unified ecosystem   Los Angeles – August 22, 2019   Synthesis VR, a complete management, game enhancement and licensing platform for location-based VR (LBVR) entertainment centers, today announced its partnership with KAT VR, the creators of KAT WALK and KAT Mini omnidirectional treadmills, KAT Loco and KAT VRMIS Arena. […]