VIRTUAL REALITY SCIENCE CURRICULUM Los Angeles, CA (May 08, 2021) — SYNTHESIS VR is excited to re-introduce you to VictoryXR’s Science Curricula. The first – and only – virtual reality science curricula aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Educators can rest easy knowing that each VR experience correlates with a specific standard or substandard within the NGSS in addition to the standards for the state of Texas (TEKS) and the state of Florida (CPALMS). VictoryXR’s 48 educational science units contain a total of 240 unique virtual reality experiences covering Earth & Space Science, Engineering, Life Science, and Physical Science. WHY EDUCATIONAL CONTENT? The current pandemic has thrown a wrench into every industry imaginable, but especially the entertainment and social industry has taken the biggest hit economically. Traditionally VR locations have been busy during weekends and holidays and locations have been grappling in finding different ways to bring customers during the week. Creating weekly programs based on education, creating lesson plans and creative after-school programs are one of the ways locations have found success. Now with SynthesisVR educational content, you can easily create lesson plans, and weekly programs to fill this void. Please click here for all our content. MULTIPLE LICENSE METHODS With our partnership with VictoryXR we have come up with multiple license methods to accommodate all locations. Fixed Fee – For $125 a month you can now get all the VictoryXR content with over 240 unique virtual reality experiences for your entire location. This price is not for one headset but for your entire location. If you think this fee cannot be justified during the start you can license certain lessons (content) for only $5 per month per headset. Giving you more flexibility and control. If a fixed fee is not your cup of tea license content based on pay-per-minute usage by paying only $0.06 (6c) every minute. For questions about implementing these, lesson plans please feel free to contact us at For more details please visit: EDUCATION CONTENT PAGE SynthesisVR is a premium management and content licensing platform for location-based entertainment centers around the world. For questions related to the game or Synthesis VR please email