VR Education Through SynthesisVR

S.T.E.M Curriculum for Middle & High School
Led by Award Winning Instructors
Lesson Plans to Accommodate Students at your VR Arcade

How VR Locations, Tutoring Centers, Teachers and Schools can take
Advantage of SynthesisVR Educational Content

SynthesisVR provides an array of educational content catering to students of all ages. By supporting Quest headsets as well as PC-based VR headsets, an easy way to license and track educational content, create programs based on actual curriculum, VR arcades can diversify their location and not just cater to gaming customers. Schools and learning centers can take advantage of our seamless approach and offer complementary educational classes in virtual reality with ease.

48 VR Units of Science for middle and
high school
Take flight with a Pteranodon while learning science
Over 70 educational experiences
S.T.E.M standard
Explore the cosmos and walk around the galaxy in virtual reality
Prove your skills in archery & solve puzzles while learning
Meet whales, belugas & orcas while exploring the Arctic ocean
Quest 2, HTC Vive, Valve Index & more VR headsets supported

Why Choose SynthesisVR for
Virtual Reality Education

Implementing VR learning whether PC based or Quest based has been impossible before. SynthesisVR takes the complexity out, by providing centralized management and content licensing platform, a simple-to-use device, and a time management tool for educational institutions and VR Locations that want to provide VR in education. VR Arcades can take advantage of this by creating educational experiences to attract parents and students, organizing field trips, creating educational events at local schools, and more.

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