KAT VR Company Profile:

KAT VR, a holder of over 20 independent patents, focuses on different research areas such as virtual reality interactive technologies, ergonomic design, and motion capture technology. Company’s flagship product and main research field is the world’s first non-restrictive ODT and one of the world’s two major ODTs (Omni-directional treadmill). The company won the 2015 “China Innovation and Entrepreneurship” and have a worldwide recognition for its unique products.


KAT VR Unrestrictive Omni-Directional Treadmills bring your customers a step closer to the virtual battlefield by increasing their perception of being physically present in non-physical environments of VR games. Moreover, KAT VR solutions ensure the highest level of gait naturalness and offer complete freedom in motion on limited physical space, therefore providing a truly unparalleled gaming experience!

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