Licensing Games

For game licensing, head over to the Your Games page: or From there click on the “Content Store” tab and you’ll see all the games available for licensing. ​On the left side you can either use the filters by clicking on them (green is selected, white is not selected). Or you can search by entering […]

Creating and Assigning Game Categories

Synthesis VR game categories allow you to choose which games are available for customers to choose from. They also can act as filters as you will see below. By default SynthesisVR will include all downloaded games as available game options during sessions. Once a game category is setup and assigned, only those games will be […]

Per Station Arguments (with Rec Room example)

Per Station Arguments (with Rec Room as an Example) Head over to Administration >> Arcade Setup >> VR Stations Click on the edit for the station you want to enter: In the “Settings”tab of the VR Station, click on the Own Station Parameters+ button and a new line item will show up. On the left, […]

Adding an External Game to SynthesisVR Game Menus

Currently, SynthesisVR has 25 “spots” for external games, using the following code numbers: 1680 / Random Game 1 1682 / Random Game 2 1683 / Random Game 3 1684 / Random Game 4 1685 / Random Game 5 1686 / Random Game 6 1687 / Random Game 7 1688 / Random Game 8 1689 / […]