Booking Add-On – Selecting Game on Booking Widget

Have you ever wanted the ability for your customers to choose a game when they book a session? Now you can! This comes in handy when you have a virtual reality escape game experience where customers can only play one escape game for a certain amount of time, choosing the game will inform the operator […]

Booking Add-On – upon successful booking, redirect to a confirmation page

In case you want to track your website conversion through third party widgets or code (like Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel), you’ll have to redirect your website visitors to a page on your website that has the necessary code. To do the redirect, please add the following code under the “Add HTML before the BODY […]

Synthesis VR API – Booking Widget

API As explained, the booking widget just utilizes the API and gives a ready to use example. However, in many cases, that may not be enough and as you may want to better match your website design, integrate your own payment processor, use a different language and so on. What usually would be enough is […]

Booking Add-On – disable opening / closing hours from booking

Due to multiple reasons (as example, having a lot of foot traffic), you may want to hide periods of the day from your booking widgets. To avoid creating new experience type with different hours and extra logic that may complicate your setup, you can simply extend the booking widget with some custom code. To make […]

Booking Add-On – Booking Widget Setup

This Documentation will provide a step by step guide to setting up your booking widget, integrating it in to your WordPress website and other advanced configurations. On your left menu click Administration Click Advanced Settings – Web Widgets as shown below  This takes you to the Widgets Page. On the Booking Widgets TAB – Click the + […]