Synthesis VR API – Local API

The local API is a special URL that runs on every of your VR stations and can be used for building third-party services and functionalities. The API URL is: http://localhost:8080/control/<API_COMMAND>   Commands: Command Description status Provides a way to check the if SynthesisVR is running well. It should contain “status”:1 in the response status/hmd Represents […]

Booking Add-On – Booking Widget Setup

This Documentation will provide a step by step guide to setting up your booking widget, integrating it in to your WordPress website and other advanced configurations. On your left menu click Administration Click Advanced Settings – Web Widgets as shown below  This takes you to the Widgets Page. On the Booking Widgets TAB – Click the + […]

Voice Chat Service

The “voice chat” is an out-of-the-box feature of SynthesisVR and requires zero configuration. It bridges the input audio from all stations related to the same reservation/session and puts them into a “conference call” where they can communicate with each other and you can communicate with them.  How do I enable the Voice Chat? In the […]