Understanding Idle Playback and Troubleshooting

SynthesisVR lets you play promotional videos and game trailers automatically if your gaming station is IDLE. To activate Idle Playback please click the Settings button on your SynthesisVR Access Point App. SynthesisVR automatically downloads the necessary trailers for the games that are installed on that gaming station. Then Enable Idle Playback as shown below:   […]

Voice Chat Service

The “voice chat” is an out-of-the-box feature of SynthesisVR and requires zero configuration. It bridges the input audio from all stations related to the same reservation/session and puts them into a “conference call” where they can communicate with each other and you can communicate with them.  How do I enable the Voice Chat? In the […]

Adding an External Game to SynthesisVR Game Menus

Currently, SynthesisVR has 25 “spots” for external games, using the following code numbers: Each code above would represent a single game/executable. To set up an external game/experience, please follow these steps: (please keep in mind this has to be done on each gaming station running SynthesisVR Access Point app) On your Taskbar Right Click on […]