Synthesis VR API – Gift Cards

1. Create a new API rule (similarly to or edit an existing one and assign the following permission: Gift Cards Important — SynthesisVR RECOMMEND using the “Strict Access” option and limit the endpoint access to your trusted IP addresses.   Generate new Gift Card: 2. Get the key for the rule and construct an HTTP GET […]

Synthesis VR API – Local API

The local API is a special URL that runs on every of your VR stations and can be used for building third-party services and functionalities. The API URL is: http://localhost:8080/control/<API_COMMAND>   Commands: Command Description status Provides a way to check the if SynthesisVR is running well. It should contain “status”:1 in the response status/hmd Represents […]

Synthesis VR API – Booking Widget

API As explained, the booking widget just utilizes the API and gives a ready to use example. However, in many cases, that may not be enough and as you may want to better match your website design, integrate your own payment processor, use a different language and so on. What usually would be enough is […]