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DRM – Android Integration





DRM – Android Integration – Revision 2

Document Revision: 6th May 2020


Revision 1 – link


1. In your Unity project, go to “Project Settings > Player > Publishing Settings” and enable “Custom Gradle Template”

A new file will be generated under your project folder: Assets\Plugins\Android\mainTemplate.gradle

Edit the file and add okhttp3 to “dependencies”:

  • implementation "com.squareup.okhttp3:okhttp:4.0.0"


2. Download the SynthesisVR Kotlin Script (link) and place it under one of your project folders (e.g.: SynthesisVR)


3. Change the Kotlin Script to apply only for Android OS:


4. Download the SynthesisVR C# script (link)


5. Create an empty game object, assign the C# script, and fill the settings:


Test your project. The game is supposed to start and immediately close (as, in the regular case, your location won’t have active subscription)


Note – the Unity support for Kotlin plugins is introduced as of version 2018.2. If you are using an older version, please refer to the first revision of this document.


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