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Uploading game build on SynthesisVR CDN


Uploading game build on SynthesisVR CDN

Document Revision: 9th October 2020

1. Download our “Producers Content Manager” app:

2. Use your web credentials to login to the app

3. Double click on the game image

4. Go to the “Build” tab and choose the game build folder

5. Wait for the upload to finish and you are done with the app. You can also use it to further upload game images and trailers.

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Command-line support:

-autologinLogin automatically with your previously saved credentials or with the user/pass values provided through command-line
-user=<value>StringYour login
-pass=<value>StringYour password
-gameid=<value>IntegerPredefine a selection for the list of content
-type=<value>pcvr | oculus | pico | android_nonvrSelect the build type you are uploading
-basepath=<value>StringIn case you are uploading a PCVR build, provide the base path and omit the ending \ character.
If the build is Oculus or Pico, provide the full path to the APK file.
-exe=<value>StringSkip for Oculus/Pico builds. For PCVR, provide the exe path considering the build’s base directory.
If you are unsure what to set, please run the app without any command line arguments and use the standard process.
Then copy the value that is on the “Select build .exe file” popup.
-autouploadStart the upload process based on the above parameters and close the application if the upload is successful.


PCVR Build: "FULL_PATH\SynthesisVR - Producer Content Manager.exe" -autologin -autoupload -user=YOUR_LOGIN -pass=YOUR_PASS -gameid=0000 -type=pcvr -basepath="BUILD_BASE_DIRECTORY" -exe=MyGame.exe

PCVR Build: "FULL_PATH\SynthesisVR - Producer Content Manager.exe" -autologin -autoupload -user=YOUR_LOGIN -pass=YOUR_PASS -gameid=0000 -type=pcvr -basepath="BUILD_BASE_DIRECTORY" -exe="ExtraPath\MyGame.exe"

Pico Build: "FULL_PATH\SynthesisVR - Producer Content Manager.exe" -autologin -autoupload -user=YOUR_LOGIN -pass=YOUR_PASS -gameid=0000 -type=pico -basepath="C:\MyBuilds\MyGame\MyGame.apk"


  • In case there aren’t any new files that have to be synced to the cloud, the app will generate an on screen error popup.
  • If there are any other errors, they will result in a on screen popup message.