Synthesis Engine is the common name of a set of platform agnostic tools for advanced LBVR integration.

Document Revision: 31st May 2019


Startup Arguments:

SynthesisVR is capable of supplying any set of startup arguments to the games. Furthermore, the startup arguments and their values can be described in SynthesisVR as “Game Plugins”. Those plugins materializes as in-launcher options, which the customer is able to select from. Such can be:

Configuration Files:

SynthesisVR is capable to provision one or multiple configuration file within the game directory or in the Windows User folders.

Per customer progress tracking (save games):

You have to specify the location of your save files and Synthesis is taking care to:

Other than specifying the save directory, the functionality does not require any in-game integration.

Arcade scoreboards:

Synthesis is able to monitor a single text file and detect changes into it. Normally, the game will overwrite this file (zero it out before writing new data) every time the player reach a new achievement. The written data can be anything from a single score to complex JSON/XML data, containing not only the score, but also map name, lap duration or whatever information makes sense to be placed on a global arcade leaderboard.

Upon a change, Synthesis will read and forward the data to our online servers. As you are in no way limited to how to structure your data, you will have to send us a parsing schema (as a free text / description). We’ll have it added to our parsing process and generate your online page.


Note: As a way to add extra value, the functionality is available only to arcades who have game license obtained through SynthesisVR.



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