Last Update: 2023-03-06

Your privacy is important to us (“SynthesisVR”). This End-User Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) discloses our information practices, including our policies regarding the types of information that is gathered and tracked through our websites and applications, descriptions of how such information is used, and identification of the parties with whom the information may be shared. This Policy will be applicable to the SynthesisVR Web sites and applications (each, a “SynthesisVR Site”).

SynthesisVR Services:

SynthesisVR is a SaaS solution offering a wide range of B2B services primarily for, but not limited to, VR arcades (“Business“). Certain services represent white-labeled products purposed for direct use by End Users like yourself.

Such services are:

All the SynthesisVR services are hosted under the sub-domains:

For ease of use and to better serve our customers, the listed domains can be embedded under the websites of the Business, hence you may not be able to easily see the SynthesisVR domains.

SynthesisVR also offers the Business a variety of customization options, so the SynthesisVR services you are consuming as an end-user could vary in terms of what data is collected.

Data Collection:

By voluntarily using a SynthesisVR Site and/or providing data or other information via a SynthesisVR Site, you are indicating your consent to this Policy and agreement to be bound by its terms.

The Business use SynthesisVR to automatically collect the following information from the end-users:

SynthesisVR integrates multiple PCI-compliant payment processors and SynthesisVR does not collect or store sensitive payment information on its servers. Any payment information provided during the use of any of the SynthesisVR services results in direct data exchange between SynthesisVR and a specific online payment processor (such as Stripe ; Square ; PayPal ; others). Depending on the payment processor, SynthesisVR may collect and store a token that can help you easily perform future payments to the Business. This token does not carry sensitive information and cannot be used for payments to any other business.

Business is allowed to configure certain usage flows. The SynthesisVR services can be configured to operate in one of the following modes:

The operation mode is solely decided by the Business. In all cases, the Business can request extra information and this Policy would not cover that information. You must contact the Business directly for information on their privacy policies.

Our Disclosure of Your Personal Information and Other Information:

SynthesisVR is not in the business of selling your Personal Information. We consider this information to be a vital part of our relationship with the Business and You as an end-user. There are, however, certain circumstances in which we may share your Personal Information with certain third parties without further notice to you, as set forth below:


Personal Information collected through the SynthesisVR Site is kept in a secure database and all reasonable precautions are taken to secure this data.

The security of your personal information is important to us. When you enter sensitive information on our registration or other forms, we encrypt that information using Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Data Deletion:

To remove your account or related data, you must contact the Business as a direct beneficent of your data and consult with the Business Privacy and Data Policy.

In the event of being unable to reach out to the Business, please reach out to SynthesisVR at info at synthesisvr dot com and provide the following information:

In that case, your request will be timely processed and your data will be removed.

Please note that SynthesisVR cannot remove any Payment Data from third-party payment processors nor we are able to issue refunds on behalf of the Business.