Rewards Points Add-On

The module represents a multi-purposed powerful marketing tool. As such, it may seems complex at first, but provides an endless flexibility. This document dives into explanation of different usage cases. Web Administration Upon subscription, the following settings are unlocked in the SynthesisVR Web Administration interface: Administration >> [click on your arcade name] >> Advanced >> Point […]

Setting up and Customizing Waivers

SynthesisVR supports custom waiver forms which can also be used as customer registration forms as well. By using SynthesisVR waiver forms you save money from subscribing to 3rd party waiver forms and with inbuilt customer registration you can track all your customers.  How to customize waiver form: Head to Administration >> PRO >> Online & […]

Per Station Arguments (with Rec Room example)

Per Station Arguments (with Rec Room as an Example) Head over to Administration >> Arcade Setup >> VR Stations Click on the edit for the station you want to enter: In the “Settings”tab of the VR Station, click on the Own Station Parameters+ button and a new line item will show up. On the left, […]

Adding an External Game to SynthesisVR Game Menus

Currently, SynthesisVR has 25 “spots” for external games, using the following code numbers: Each code above would represent a single game/executable. To set up an external game/experience, please follow these steps: (please keep in mind this has to be done on each gaming station running SynthesisVR Access Point app) On your Taskbar Right Click on […]