Environment Profiles – Store and Swap VR Boundaries

What’s an Environment Profile and why it’s needed? The SynthesisVR Environment Profiles cover headset variables such as boundaries, button states, scheduled HMD restarts, and other configuration and environment adjustments. With the growth of the LBVR segment and the VR industry in general, we do see more and more standalone HMDs released for business purposes. As […]

Synthesis VR Proxy – Cloud Proxy for VR Arcades – Amazon / AWS

1. Obtain your Proxy Activation Code 2. Subscribe for the SynthesisVR Proxy Image on the AWS Marketplace and launch your instance We do recommend the Medium General Purpose AWS instances (t2.medium ; t3.medium ; t3a.medium). As with any other AWS Windows-based instances, make sure your RDP port allows external connections or you could be unable […]

Synthesis VR Proxy – Troubleshooting

How to troubleshoot the SynthesisVR Proxy? 1) Access the “Run” prompt by press the Windows key + R 2) Type: services.msc 3) Scroll down the list until you find SynthesisVR – Proxy 4) If the service is not running, click on the “Start” option on the left side (or the Restart button). You should see […]

localmanifest.json Cheatsheet

“pauseSessionCountdownWhenNoPID”: true, The session clock would automatically pause when there is no any running game. May not be suitable for multiplayer sessions “dontPauseIdlePlaybackOnPID”: true, The idle playback wont pause automatically upon starting a session and/or a game. Suitable for KIOSK installations. “disableAPGameChange”: true, Disable the ability to start games through the Desktop Menu of the […]

Membership Add-On – Convert Your Visitors To Regular Customers

The membership cards functionality is a powerful tool for converting your visitors to regular customers and being able to collect funds upfront. Creating New Membership Plan Login to your SynthesisVR admin Account and go to “Administration >> Extras  >>  Cards” Click the Three Dots on the top right corner – then click Add New Batch […]

Multiple networks

Required SynthesisVR version: 3.12.4 In some setups, you may have Synthesis running on a VR station having 2 or more network adapters. In those cases, Synthesis will use the first connected adapter to determinate its settings. If you would like to change that, you have to add the following line to both your Access Point […]

The SynthesisVR Engine

The “SynthesisVR – Engine” is a set of tools, purposed to unify different game functionalities without limiting the VR studios to specific scopes. This is one of the most important innovations in LBVR. “SVR Engine” can be described the “glue” between: · The games launcher · Advanced game settings · Scripting language · Network discovery · Provisioning […]

Location Based Virtual Reality League (LBVRL)

lbvrleague.com LBVRL is available for all SynthesisVR customers and doesn’t imply any additional SynthesisVR subscriptions or fees. The only condition is to have the specific League game being licensed via the SynthesisVR platform. Setup: In the old interface – go to “Administration >> Global Arcade Settings” In the new interface – go to “Administration” and click on the name of your arcade. Fill your website domain name under […]

Firewall and Network Information

Proxy: TCP 2010 – Video Streaming(optional) 5060 – VoIP(optional) 5066 – VoIP(optional) 8005 – SynthesisVR communication port(mandatory) 8088 – SynthesisVR communication port(mandatory) UDP 5060 – VoIP(optional) 8070 – Synthesis communication port (recommended) 8071 – Synthesis communication port (recommended) All ports above 10000 (VoIP Audio –optional)   Access Point: TCP 5060 – VoIP(optional) 8006 – SynthesisVR communication port(mandatory) 8007 – SynthesisVR […]

Command Calls – Create/Execute Custom Scripts & Commands

Required version: 3.9.6 Overview: As LBVR progress through the years, we sees a good number of new VR related hardware coming to the market. Often, to ensure fast and flawless operation, the new hardware have to be integrated in Synthesis. As long as we are working toward native support for as much hardware as possible […]