How to Start Commercial Licensing, Continuing Subscription & Adding Balance

Once you are satisfied with Essential Access and testing the platform and games, you can move to the next step, which is commercially licensing the games for your VR location. Before we add this, lets understand how SynthesisVR Pre-Paid balance work. The Pre-Paid Balance/Credit System Explained There Are 2 forms of pre-paid balance which can […]

Synthesis VR Setup – License Games

For game licensing, head over to the Your Games page: or From there click on the “Content Store” tab and you’ll see all the games available for licensing. ‚ÄčOn the left side you can either use the filters by clicking on them (green is selected, white is not selected). Or you can search by entering […]

Synthesis VR Setup – Installation

Synthesis VR Setup: Installation

Introduction Synthesis VR is a software platform for location-based virtual reality (LBVR) device management and content licensing. Our platform achieves this goal with a “Synthesis” of multiple pieces of software. Synthesis VR Software Stack Step 1: Requirements Step 2: Log in to the Synthesis VR Web Terminal Step 3: Download and Install the Local Manager […]