Synthesis VR Setup: Installation

Synthesis VR Setup – Installation

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Synthesis VR is a software platform for location-based virtual reality (LBVR) device management and content licensing. Our platform achieves this goal with a “Synthesis” of multiple pieces of software.

Synthesis VR Software Stack

  • Local Manager (Desktop Application) – A launcher/manager/operator app to control your VR location effortlessly.
  • Synthesis VR Proxy (Invisible Application)– A Windows service that runs in the background of a single computer, synchronizing all of your hardware with our cloud.
  • Synthesis VR Access Point (Desktop Application/Android Application) – An app for your VR Gaming PCs & Android headsets to communicate with the Synthesis VR Proxy.

Step 1: Requirements

  1. A Synthesis VR Account
    • Don’t have an account?

Step 2: Log in to the Synthesis VR Web Terminal

Step 3: Download and Install the Local Manager Application On Your Master Computer

Step 4: Download the Synthesis VR Installer

Step 5: Install The Synthesis VR Proxy On The Master Computer

Important Notes

  • Only install the proxy ONCE. Only 1 proxy per location, no more, no less
  • The proxy can be installed on any windows computer.
  • The proxy is typically installed on the chosen “master computer”
  • This computer must be on the same network as your VR devices and other computers.

Step 6: Choose your VR Platform – Standalone Headsets or PCVR?

If you are using Standalone Headsets (Meta Quest / HTC VIVE Focus 3 / Pico)

Please Go To Step 7 and Disregard Step 8

If you will be using PCVR with a Windows Gaming PC OR Setting up a Dedicated Game Server for “Game Server Automation

Please Disregard Step 7 and go to step 8

Step 7: Install Synthesis VR on a Standalone Headset (Meta Quest, HTC VIVE Focus, PICO)

Step 8: Install Synthesis VR Access Point (PCVR)(Windows)

*Please Note: If you will not be running PCVR with gaming computers, but instead will be utilizing standalone android headsets, go back to Step 7

This Access Point App will need to be installed on all gaming stations.

  • Identify and access another computer you wish to be a VR Station.
  • Download the Synthesis VR Installer if you have not already done so on this PC.
  • Note: Make sure you have SteamVR running prior to installing the Synthesis VR Access Point
  • Reminder: Each station needs to have a different Steam account attached to it.
  • Open the Synthesis VR installation file (the same one downloaded for the Server).
  • Follow the installation pop-up window and select the destination to be installed. This should not need to be changed.

  • Select “ACCESS POINT
  • Click Install.
  • Click “Closeonce the installation is done.
  • Congratulations! Your Synthesis VR Access Point has been successfully installed.
  • Once the VR Station is successfully installed, Synthesis VR Access Point app will pop up on your taskbar, the icon tray, and desktop.

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