Square Part 1 – Standard Setup

Make sure you are subscribed for the SynthesisVR’s Square module: Once subscribed, you need to set up a new app account on Square by heading to https://developer.squareup.com/apps and logging into your square account (if not already logged in). You need to set up a new “app” to allow SynthesisVR to connect to Square. First, you’ll need to click on the big “+” ​ Create an Application Name (like Arcade Name Square Processing or something) and then click on Save. ​ Once created, click on the Open button to get to all the data you will need: ​ You’ll then need to get the information from both the Sandbox and Production sections (within the Credentials section, which is where you start): ​ ​ As well as location information from the Locations section (again, both Sandbox and Production): You will then paste this information into your Square Settings (note that “Live” is equivalent to “Production”): ​ ​ To integrate Square into SynthesisVR for payments in your store, head to  “Administration” and click on your arcade name. You will get a popup. Locate and change the following option: If you are looking to integrate Square into any web widgets, make sure the correct payment processor is assigned in there as well: Sandbox Mode: For using Square in Sandbox mode, please add the following to “Add HTML before the BODY tag closure”: When testing the widget, use the following ZIP code: For testing different payment scenarios, please refer to the test Square data:

What Payment Processors Does SynthesisVR Support

Currently, Synthesis VR supports the following payment processors through the SynthesisVR interface: PayPal/PayPal IPN/PayPal Vault Stripe Square Omega WorldPay Paysera Pagseguro Monetico  Klarna Societe Generale PagSeguro BNP Paribus