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Square Part 1 – Standard Setup

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1. Make sure you are subscribed for the SynthesisVR’s Square module:

  • Go to “Administration >> Arcade Setup >> SynthesisVR Subscriptions” and subscribe for the “Square Payments” module (it is free).

2. Go to “Administration >> Advanced Settings >> Payment Processors >> Square Settings”. The settings you have to enter are under your Square account (


Create a new application and click on Manage:

On the next screen, copy the 4 settings and put them in the correct field under the SynthesisVR popup:

From the left sidebar, click on “Locations”:

and copy the last two values:

At that point, you are done with obtaining the correct integration values. Save the SynthesisVR popup!
3. Under SynthesisVR web administration, go to “Administration” and click on your arcade name. You will get a popup. Locate and change the following option:

4. If you have any web widgets, make sure the correct payment processor is assigned in there as well:


Square Part 2 – POS-To-Action Setup

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