How to auto-sync Leaderboard data to Google Sheets

Step 1 – Add the Jsonimport functionality Follow steps 1 to 4 to add the Jsonimport functionality: Step 2 – Prepare your SynthesisVR Leaderboard URL Step 3 – Create a new Google Sheets file Add 3 empty sheets: SynthesisData: Copy/paste the following formula under A1: Don’t forget to replace 11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111 with your actual Synthesis API […]

Leaderboard Add-on – Getting Started

Installation: Under SynthesisVR Web Administration portal, navigate to “Administration >> Arcade Setup >> SynthesisVR Subscriptions” and get your stations subscribed for “Leaderboard Application” (it is free for stations that are already subscribed for the full SynthesisVR version). Note: If you are offering Project CARS Pro, you have to also subscribe for the “Project CARS Pro […]

Reading Leaderboard Through API

 To programatically read the leaderboard data collected by SynthesisVR, please follow the steps: 1. Login into SynthesisVR with your administrator account and navigate to:  2. Head to the API & Webhooks tab and click on the + button on the top right:  Make sure the leaderboard permission is assigned.If the “Strict Access” option is enabled, you will […]