Leaderboard Add-on – Getting Started

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Leaderboard Add-on – Getting Started

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  1. Under SynthesisVR Web Administration portal, navigate to “Administration >> Arcade Setup >> SynthesisVR Subscriptions” and get your stations subscribed for “Leaderboard Application” (it is free for stations that are already subscribed for the full SynthesisVR version).
    Note: If you are offering Project CARS Pro, you have to also subscribe for the “Project CARS Pro Leaderboard” plugin.
  2. Upon subscription, click the Refresh button for all your Access Point instances
  3. Go to https://games.synthesisvr.com/games/synthesisvr-leaderboard and click the “Install SynthesisVR Leaderboard” button. The application can be installed on ANY Windows based PC in your local area network.
  4. Run the installer, follow the steps and launch the application.
  5. You are presented with an option to install Plugins. Do that for the games you are offering.


  • Go to “Administration >> Games & Licensing >> Your Games”. Find one of the supported games and click on it. Under the popup, switch to the “Plugins” tab and install the “Customer Name” plugin. This will allow you to click on the station name under the “Your Arcade” page and change the customer name on the fly (doesn’t require a running session).

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