Access Point 3.20.X – Release Notes

Version 3.20.9 – 1st December, 2022 Version 3.20.8 – 17th October, 2022 Version 3.20.7 – 16th August, 2022 Version 3.20.6 – 12th July, 2022 Version 3.20.5 – 28th June, 2022 Version 3.20.4 – 19th May, 2022 Version 3.20.3 – 18th March, 2022 Version 3.20.2 – 15th March, 2022 Version 3.20.1 – 24th January, 2022 Version […]

Access Point 3.19.X – Release Notes

Version 3.19.6 – 22nd November, 2021 Support for TCP port negotiation for games using the SynthesisVR WebSocket integration. The change fixes a concurrency issue between the Haze platform and games like Paranormal Pest Patrol and Blaster of the Universe: Infinity Forever Initial support for the SDesk remote desktop application Leaderboard related updates Turning on Semi-Offline […]

Access Point – 2020 Updates

Version 3.17.0 (28th September, 2020) -> 3.17.9 (28th December, 2020) Release Notes Version 3.16.0 (22th July, 2020) -> 3.16.7 (07th September, 2020) Release Notes Version 3.15.8 – 19th June, 2020 Bugfix that may affect the Save Game functionality Bugfix a rare case where the running game is not properly closed at session end Free Roam […]

Updated Access Point to Beta Version

If you need to update SynthesisVR to the latest Beta version (for testing and/or directed by the SynthesisVR support team), go to C:\SynthesisVR Exclusive Content\4301 folder where the Updater app is installed and with right-click create a new shortcut to the Desktop for the SynthesisVR-Update.exe: Then right-click on the shortcut on your Desktop and select Properties then […]

Access Point 3.18.X – Release Notes

Version 3.18.9 – 27th April, 2021: The Microsoft suggested functionality for bringing applications and games in front has been replaced with another one that has a much higher chance for success. Bugfix: launching a single-player instance of multiplayer games and from a multi-station session was working only through the in-VR menu. It now works equally […]

SynthesisVR For Android

Version – 1.129 – January 13th, 2021 Bugfix – SynthesisVR doesn’t start automatically upon restarting HMDs running Android 10+ and where Synthesis can’t run as OS Launcher Bugfix – Selecting games in the menu no longer requires precise clicks Version – 1.127 – November 30th, 2020 Hotfix – license verification fails during the last day […]

Access Point – 2019 Updates

Version 3.12 – 30th October, 2019 Release notes Version 3.11 – 10th October, 2019 Release notes Version 3.10 – 12th September, 2019 Important – please read the release notes Version 3.9.9 – 9th September, 2019 Improved handling of OpenVR errors Latest OpenVR API Introducing Quick SynthesisVR Update Process Emergency/Panic Mode Version 3.9.8 – 21st August, […]

Access Point – 2017 – 2018 Updates

Version 3.5.1 – 19th December, 2018 Minor adjustments Self repair upon hardware changes Version 3.5 – 6th December, 2018 OpenVR API updated to version 1.1.3 Usage tracking optimizations related to changes in Steam support for Shooty Fruity Arcade Implementation of a new SteamVR functionality, preventing the menu selection to sometimes interfere with the game […]

Access Point 3.17.X – Release Notes

Version 3.17.9 – 28th December, 2020: Improvements on the Free Roam support The interface would no longer freeze during a game update initialization The game’s timeout during Demo mode would now only use the “Standby” HMD state. Improvements related to launching Unreal Engine 4 games Version 3.17.8 – 15th December, 2020: Important Access Points adjustments […]

Access Point 3.16.X – Release Notes

Version 3.16.7 – 7th September, 2020 Improvements related to session time synchronization ; idle playback ; removing CDN games New functionalities for unannounced projects Version 3.16.5 – 26th August, 2020 Bugfix — VR dashboard may re-open automatically if the VR cursor points outside of the Synthesis menu Version 3.16.4 – 19th August, 2020 Overall improvements […]