Using SteamVR Environments with SynthesisVR

To use the default environment (the branded SynthesisVR Holodeck), follow these steps: In the Access Point app of each station, go to Settings / SteamVR Settings / SteamVR Home Settings Inside of the SteamVR Home Settings, click on the Environment Subscription which will open the SynthesisVR Holodeck page. Click on Subscribe on that page. Note […]

Install SteamVR off Steam

SteamVR is one of the core components for every LBVR business and as such, it has to be kept in a good state. As the stock SteamVR version (the one installed via Steam) is a subject of numerous updates in the course of a single month, every update brings the risk of an important component to […]

Mirroring Audio To a Monitor

From SteamVR, click on the drop down menu:   Choose settings:   From the SteamVR settings menu, choose Audio from the left side:   Change the “Mirror audio device” to whatever your TV/Monitor is and be sure that “Set Playback device to” is set to your Vive HDMI audio: