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SteamVR is one of the core components for every LBVR business and as such, it has to be kept in a good state. As the stock SteamVR version (the one installed via Steam) is a subject of numerous updates in the course of a single month, every update brings the risk of an important component to start malfunctioning or get removed. As of the current date, SteamVR got updated to version 1.9.13, which removed the possibility to brand the environment, leading to not that aesthetically pleasant first time VR experience for your customers. Another negative is the possibility to get a SteamVR update in the middle of your 3 hours long / 30 kids party – and you can’t opt-out from the Steam’s auto-updates for SteamVR.

This made it mandatory for SynthesisVR to come up with an option that will mitigate the negatives and provide a more reliable deployment for SteamVR.

As of SynthesisVR version 3.12.8, you have the option to install a SteamVR version off Steam. To do that, go to your SynthesisVR Access Point application, click the Settings button, then the “SteamVR Settings” button and select your desired version from the dropdown menu. This will trigger the download of the specific version. Once the download is completed, the Access Point needs another ~30 seconds to install it.

Things to consider before installing a fixed SteamVR version:
1. The static SteamVR versions are installed under:

  • %localappdata%\SynthesisVR\app\Resources\SteamVR\<VERSION>\

Your existing SteamVR settings would not be copied over. To avoid going through the Room Setup after the installation, please consider using the SynthesisVR Chaperones Manager to migrate your VR boundaries between the versions.


2. If you are using KATVR or other hardware that requires custom SteamVR drivers, you’ll have to re-install those drivers under the directory mention above.


3. If you are happy with the stock SteamVR version – you are NOT obligated to install a custom version through Synthesis. By default, Synthesis is using your Steam installation of SteamVR and no extra actions are needed.

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