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As of March 2021, SynthesisVR will be refining our web Dashboard to consolidate certain functions and to make changing some back end settings a little more direct. The first change will be a reworking of the Administration panel to help differentiate the items available to all Standard subscriptions (in the Business Setup and Arcade Setup tabs) and shifting Pro subscription items to a Pro tab, with a slight overlap in the Extras tab. This will make it a little easier and quicker to identify what would be available in each membership level. Note that customers on the Standard plan will not see the Pro tab and any items in the Extras tab that are specific to the Pro subscription, so if your Administration page doesn’t look exactly like this, that would be the reason.

The Business Setup tab now contains the Operation Settings which leads to Experience Types directly from which you will be able to create and assign Experience Types as well as create and modify Operations Settings formally known as Business Hours/Work Rules. This section also allows you to assign Experience Types to specific stations without having to switch to another Administration section. See below screen shots of the updated interface, detailed breakdown of this section will be posted separately in the Knowledge Base.

There are also some minor changes in the Work Hour Rule of the Operation Settings which will be covered separately. The primary change is a shift in the Time Management and Billing tabs to make more sense of the workflow for setting up a Work Rule.

The Games, Categories, Licenses button will lead you to the Games, Categories, Licenses formerly the Your Games section. The primary change here is in the Categories section (shifted to the 2nd tab now) which is to match the visual look of the Operations Settings section.

In the Arcade Setup tab you’ll find some of the “core” system settings, starting with the SynthesisVR Subscriptions button that will lead you to the subscriptions page for modules and, of course, station subscriptions. Nothing has changed here.

The VR Stations section will take you to your VR Stations if you need to do further editing than simply assigning Operations Settings to the station. That page has not changed dramatically and continues to show you the summary of your stations and do things like change the name of your stations, turn on/off the 3D environments, etc. This is also where you would need to set a few station specific items like AnyDesk ID, Multiplayer Priority, etc. This is documented separately in our Knowledge Base.

The System Users button will lead you to settings for the local Users in your arcade, no change for that.

Found in the Extras tab, you’ll find an overlap of some Standard subscription Items and Pro. Again, if you are on the Standard subscription, you will not see all the options noted in the image above. In terms of changes, the change is that several of these buttons have shifted from the Business Setup or the Advanced Settings tab (retired). Functionality has not changed for the respective buttons.

The PRO tab was previously the Advanced tab and will now only be visible for those with the Pro subscription. The buttons in the section have not changed in functionality, but some buttons have shifted to the Extras tab.

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