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Online Waivers

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1. Create a new API rule (similarly to or edit an existing one and assign the following two permissions:

  • Online Waiver
  • Website Games

2. Get the key for the rule and construct an URL like this:

  • Version 1:<KEY>
  • Version 2:<KEY>


  • Version 1:
  • Version 2:
  • Version 2 OFFLINE:

You can add custom waiver fields by going to “Administration” and click on your arcade name. Switch to the “Advanced” tab and click on “Additional Waiver Fields”.
If you need deeper customization for the online waiver, you can open the URL constructed above and use the browser’s “View Source” option. Copy the source code onto your server/web site and use HTML and CSS to customize the waiver widget.

The OFFLINE version is intended for use only inside your location. It allows the browser to load and process the waiver even when your device is completely offline. All signed forms will be stored inside the browser and will be synchronized to SynthesisVR within a minute of your device getting back online and the offline waiver page being reloaded.

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