ShadowStorm – 16 Player Multiplayer Shooter – Great For VR Parties

shadowstorm title image

ShadowStorm – Commercial License for VR Arcades provided by Synthesis VR Bring All of Your Friends – ShadowStorm Supports 16 Players! Frantic Multiplayer Experiences For Everyone Ergonomic, Easy Controls – Small Learning Curve Battle Intelligent Bots – More Enemies = More Fun By Yourself? Enjoy Solo Missions ShadowStorm is Powered by Synthesis VR ShadowStorm is […]

Elven Assassin Arcade – Fan-Favorite Archery Title Receives Direct Implementation And Optimization With Synthesis VR

Elven Assassin Arcade is Powered by Synthesis VR

Introduction Synthesis VR is thrilled to unveil the arrival of Elven Assassin Arcade on our platform. Renowned as one of the VR industry’s most beloved games, Elven Assassin has earned its popularity in VR locations. This launch goes beyond mere introduction; we’ve collaborated closely with Wenkly Studios to seamlessly integrate the game with Synthesis VR, ensuring an […]

Propagation Top Survivors Is Here! 8-Player Co-Op Zombie Survival Mission

ropogation Top Survivors is Coming

Propagation: Top Survivors Brought To You By Synthesis VR Propagation: Top Survivors is coming to Synthesis VR Monday, December 18th! The much anticipated sequel to the highly played, much loved predecessor, Propagation: Top Squad is here. Propagation: Top Survivors is the most fun, intense and immersive zombie experience in the LBVR market! We’re thrilled to […]

After The Fall: Arcade Edition – The Chilling Zombie Apocalypse, From The Creators Of Arizona Sunshine®, Comes To Synthesis VR

After the Fall Arcade Edition is powered by synthesis vr

Synthesis VR is Introducing After The Fall: Arcade Edition After the Fall: Arcade Edition was born from the creators of the VR mega-hit Arizona Sunshine®, After the Fall invites players into a thrilling journey through a frozen apocalypse, delivering action-packed 4-player multiplayer mayhem for the PCVR platform. New “Chilling” Narrative Enter a world destroyed by […]

AVO Escape Space – An Unsettling Dystopian Escape Room

AVO Escape Space is Powered by Synthesis VR

Synthesis VR is Introducing a New Escape Room – AVO Escape Space Synthesis VR is proud to announce a new escape room title, bolstering our vast game library. Introducing AVO Escape Space, a dystopian, story-driven escape room VR game that catapults players into the vast expanse of outer space. AVO Escape Space is a single-player […]

Snow Fortress 2: Multiplayer Snowball Fights in a Beautiful Winter Wonderland

Snow Fortress 2 is powered by Synthesis VR

Snow Fortress 2 is Here! As the cold winter descends upon us, so does the excitement of a new, epic, VR snowball showdown. Snow Fortress 2 is a thrilling sequel to the beloved VR game Snow Fortress, promising a fun winter adventure that is sure to bring joy, smiles, and laughs. Whether you’re a seasoned […]

Gravity League: Soar to Victory in the Ultimate VR Sports Showdown!

Welcome to the exhilarating world of Gravity League, where gravity takes a backseat, and your VR experience is about to reach new heights! Fly into the action of this competitive multiplayer VR sports game that seamlessly blends strategy, immersive gameplay, and pure fun. Let’s explore the features that make Gravity League a must-play in the […]