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After The Fall: Arcade Edition – The Chilling Zombie Apocalypse, From The Creators Of Arizona Sunshine®, Comes To Synthesis VR

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Synthesis VR is Introducing After The Fall: Arcade Edition

After the Fall: Arcade Edition was born from the creators of the VR mega-hit Arizona Sunshine®, After the Fall invites players into a thrilling journey through a frozen apocalypse, delivering action-packed 4-player multiplayer mayhem for the PCVR platform.

New “Chilling” Narrative

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Enter a world destroyed by a catastrophic ice age in the 1980s. After the Fall: Arcade Edition introduces players to a refreshing story narrative. Desperate experiments gone wrong have unleashed undead monsters, mutated by the unforgiving cold. Now, two decades later, humanity finds itself surviving in underground bunkers, relying on the courage of “Harvest Runners” to venture into the outside world and scavenge for supplies.

Dynamic Engaging Combat

The game promises a refreshing VR experience, crafted from the ground up to immerse players in a new world. Armed with deadly weapons and 80s-inspired technology, players will navigate the wasteland of a frozen-over Los Angeles, engaging in real-life movements that bring a new dimension to combat. Each player will be able to develop their own unique combat style, making every mission a dynamic and personal journey.

An in game image from After The Fall Arcade Edition

Seamless Multiplayer Cooperation

After the Fall: Arcade Edition is set apart by its commitment to a seamless multiplayer, co-op experience. Join forces with players worldwide as you confront hordes of snowbreed and face towering, mutilated bosses, all in a quest to take back the city and leave behind a legacy of resilience. The cooperative gameplay not only adds intensity to the battles but also encourages strategic coordination and cooperation, turning each mission into a team effort.

Stunning Attention to Detail

The game’s attention to detail is unforgettable. The immersive gameplay in post-apocalyptic LA serves as a visually stunning backdrop, featuring the remnants of a once-thriving city now buried in ice and inhabited by horribly mutated monsters. The graphics, coupled with the haunting soundtrack, create an atmosphere that is sure to keep players on the edge of their seats, and provide an adrenaline-fueled, heart-pounding experience from start to finish.

License After The Fall: Arcade Edition on Synthesis VR

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