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Los Angeles, CA (October 19, 2020) Guardians – Take control of one of the four Legendary Guardians’ and use their unique abilities to fight your way through deadly environments and epic boss fights to make your way to the Archdemon ToR’rac and put an end to his nefarious plot to relocate his hordes to your realm in this magic powered, chaos filled, fireball slinging, hack-and slash adventure!. Guardians now exclusively on SynthesisVR. For licensing information please visit Guardians game page.

Guardians VR is an arcade exclusive multiplayer experience designed by arcade owners and built from the ground up to maximize the arcade experience for novice and experienced players alike. Take control of one of the 4 Guardians’ classes and use their unique powers to fight your way through beautiful and varied environments to make your way to the Archdemon ToR’rac and put an end to his nefarious plot to relocate his hordes to your realm. Your customers can now relish the feel of the classic hack and slash experience in a whole new way without spending precious time to learn complicated inventory systems, over-engineered combat or reading a dozen menus. This is instant satisfaction that will keep them coming back for more.

A message from the designers

This VR fantasy adventure was designed and built by experienced arcade owners and operators. 

My brother and I have owned and operated our own VR arcade since 2017 and have been working with VR development since 2014. We have used our combined knowledge of VR development and arcade operation to make the game that our own customers have most requested, and we made it with all the features we personally look for in a new VR arcade title. As true believers of the industry we decided to focus solely on the development of Arcade exclusives to maximize the benefit of visiting a LBE vs playing at home and coupled that with easy to play, but satisfying games. 

One of the biggest problems we encounter in the arcade environment is the time it takes new players to learn and start enjoying a game. Guardians was built with industry standard teleport controls, but with a brand new type of combat casting and attack mechanic. We paid special attention to balancing a variety of attacks with ease of use. To do this we removed any type of inventory, menu, or selection system, and replaced it with a simple attack and heavy attack that can be manipulated by simply re-orienting your hand position or holding the attack. These special attacks are never required to progress in the game which allows novice players to ignore them, but gives experienced players a fantastic experience with immersive and complete control over how they play their character.

To Promote a cohesive multiplayer experience the 4 playable characters are balanced to work well with each other and even include a healer for those groups who need one, the enemy health is directly tied to the active number of players to ensure a balanced game no matter if its a solo run or a group of 4. Each of the characters on their own also provide enough variety of spells/attacks to make any playthrough enjoyable.

Another feature we included was an instant lobby system, this drastically cuts down on the time that operators have to handle the customers, simply start the game on up to 4 stations and those stations will appear in the same room, the first one in being designated the host. after 4 players have joined a room another room will be automatically created if more sessions are launched. We also included seamless host migration in the case one station’s time ends and the others still wanted to continue on uninterrupted.   

As arcade owners ourselves equipment health is a big concern, this was a major factor in designing Guardians, we chose to forgo the standard fantasy weapons like swords, axes and clubs to prevent the wild swinging and slashing that leads to premature controller death and broken TV’s and instead focused on a variety of ranged weapons and spells that are indiscriminate of dominant hand (no bows) this also allows us to remove a menu that allows players to switch dominant hands because it simple isn’t necessary. Also we completely rewrote the book on how we designed in game maps, after replacing half a dozen HMD Cords it dawned on us that the typical spirling game map design used in video game development for decades often leads to a player making 30 left turns to every right or vise-versa. so we built all of our levels in a linear design that countered every directional turn with one of the opposite directions, and enemies spawn in front of the player to help limit the number of times they have to spin around. 

The remaining features built into Guardians are too numerous to list in great detail, but we can say with confidence that this will be on the most operator friendly games on your lineup while still providing a unique and sought after VR experience that will be enjoyed by players of all ages and backgrounds. 

Creating this game has been one of the few bright spots during the Covid-19 outbreak which has kept our own arcade closed since March, and we are overjoyed at the chance to have players experience it around the world in the places that are recovering from this worldwide event. We hope your customers enjoy playing it as much as we did making it.

Why Synthesis VR?

SynthesisVR is a worldwide leading Location Based Entertainment Management Platform used by hundreds of VR arcades around the world. We increase arcade management efficiency, increase customer retention, make multiplayer hosting easy and seamless for operators, allow for business scalability, offer video recording & streaming capabilities, and deliver an awesome customer experience with our game launcher and management software. We are very happy to bring Guardians to VR locations all over the world.

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