Propagation Top Survivors Is Here! 8-Player Co-Op Zombie Survival Mission

ropogation Top Survivors is Coming

Propagation: Top Survivors Brought To You By Synthesis VR Propagation: Top Survivors is coming to Synthesis VR Monday, December 18th! The much anticipated sequel to the highly played, much loved predecessor, Propagation: Top Squad is here. Propagation: Top Survivors is the most fun, intense and immersive zombie experience in the LBVR market! We’re thrilled to […]

Running a location with Android headsets, we think this will help you

Are you aware of SynthesisVR? if not we are a location management and content licensing solution. Why solution, SynthesisVR is the answer to all your issues running a location, using various headsets and game platforms. We have been constantly refining SynthesisVR. Last year we introduced our management platform for Android Standalone headsets, we didn’t sit […]

Escape Room VR – Why they are important for VR Locations

Escape Rooms have absolutely exploded in popularity since they were first introduced nearly a decade ago. And who can blame people for loving these highly-engaging and fun-filled experiences that bring people together to complete a series of puzzles and challenges as they fight against the clock! Not us, that’s for sure. With the advancements in […]

How SynthesisVR streaming elevates your FREE ROAM EXPERIENCE

Virtual Reality (VR), which was once seen as an intimidating and expensive technology among the common consumer, has taken a dramatic shift over recent years with the proliferation of affordable VR headsets like the Oculus (Meta) Quest. VR entertainment centers have played a major role in making this technology accessible to players all over the […]

A brief history of VR streaming

VR headsets and issues faced by the early adopters With the first wave of modern VR headsets, the cables have always been a struggle. Figuring out the cable management can be a problem on its own, but cables breaking every 2 to 4 months has always been a huge (sensible is the wrong word to […]

If you are in the business of developing VR content, you must read this!

A breakthrough update. Los Angeles, CA (February 14, 2022) — XR Immersive Tech Inc. (“Immersive Tech”, or the “Company”) (CSE: VRAR) (FSE:79W) (OTCQB: FNTTF) is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Synthesis VR Inc. (“Synthesis VR”) is to release full support for Android-based virtual reality (“VR”) head-mounted displays (“HMD”) and XR devices. SynthesisVR, the […]

Rhythmatic – The top rhythm game now free until March 2021!

Rhythmatic hits the top 20 after just 2 weeks and Blackwall Labs make it free until March! After an extensive BETA period, the arcade exclusive, multiplayer, beat slicer, Rhythmatic was released on December the 1st. Just 2 weeks later and the game is already among the highest trending games on SynthesisVR. In what we are […]


VRMIS Arena at 20% OFF for SynthesisVR customers   Los Angeles – March, 2020   KAT VRMIS Arena – Take your VR Entertainment to the next level KAT VRMIS (Multiplayer Infinite Space) Arena is a cutting-edge virtual reality gaming arena customized to effectively meet the requirements of modern E-Sport. VRMIS system breaks the limitations of […]

SynthesisVR and KATVR together for a unified ecosystem

SynthesisVR and KATVR together for a unified ecosystem   Los Angeles – August 22, 2019   Synthesis VR, a complete management, game enhancement and licensing platform for location-based VR (LBVR) entertainment centers, today announced its partnership with KAT VR, the creators of KAT WALK and KAT Mini omnidirectional treadmills, KAT Loco and KAT VRMIS Arena. […]