Propagation Top Survivors Is Here! 8-Player Co-Op Zombie Survival Mission

ropogation Top Survivors is Coming

Propagation: Top Survivors Brought To You By Synthesis VR Propagation: Top Survivors is coming to Synthesis VR Monday, December 18th! The much anticipated sequel to the highly played, much loved predecessor, Propagation: Top Squad is here. Propagation: Top Survivors is the most fun, intense and immersive zombie experience in the LBVR market! We’re thrilled to share the news that Synthesis VR has secured exclusive global distribution rights for Propagation: Top Survivors. Propagation: Top Survivors is one of over 300+ games available to license in the Synthesis VR Library! Synthesis VR stands as the most powerful tool for your VR Arcade. With its comprehensive suite of features, it empowers you to take complete control of your business operations. Whether it’s managing VR devices, offering an extensive game library, enhancing customer experiences, simplifying billing, streamlining reservations, or providing insightful analytics, Synthesis VR is your key to VR arcade success. Harness its capabilities and watch your VR arcade thrive like never before. Enter The World Of Propagation: Top Survivors Escape The Storm Propagation: Top Survivors is a VR action shooter game for the PCVR platform for 1-8 players. Take on the role of zombie apocalypse survivors forced to leave their camp because of a dangerous level 5 storm. In order to be evacuated by the Top Squad, survivors must barge their way through hordes of zombies to reach the meeting point. Your Mission: Restart the ARES Military Anti-Zombie Devices Their mission is to restart the ARES military anti-zombies devices set up throughout the city before time runs out. They will have access to an entire arsenal of weapons as they make their way through the city, to protect the ARES until their full activation.In line with the previous opuses of the Propagation series, Top Survivors will offer players a new thrilling mission where they will be able to lay off some steam and collaborate in a heavy atmosphere through new sensational environments. Propagation: Top Survivors Is Built For Location-Based Virtual Reality LBVR Features Include: Toggleable Tutorial, Easy Controls, Zero Learning Curve, Configurable Session Time, 4 Difficulty Modes Propagation: Top Survivors is purposed built to be the best LBVR zombie experience. Tune your games sessions using Synthesis VR’s Local Manager desktop application. With a built-in togglable tutorial you can customize the experience for newcomers, and get returning players back in quickly. With easy-to-use, zero-learning-curve controls, you can get players up and running in moments. Spend more time playing, and less time learning. Fine tune this game to suit your needs, configure your session time to be 15, 20 , 25, or 30 minutes. Choose from 4 difficulty modes. Easy, Normal, Hard, and Chaos! Are you up for the challenge? 1-8 Player Multiplayer, One-Click Multiplayer Lobby Optimization Propagation: Top Survivors is better with friends. With up to 8 players, this game is sure to be a hit at your LBVR location. Propagation: Top Survivors is powered by Synthesis VR’s Optimized, One-Click Multiplayer system. No more hassle trying to create and join lobbies. Just click and play! Propagation: Top Survivors Features Dynamic and Immersive Gameplay Choose Different Paths, Discover New Areas Propagation: Top Survivors allows you to choose the route you want to go on to advance in the game. Do you want to go down narrow corridors for close-quarters combat? Or do you prefer an open rooftop to snipe your enemies from afar? You and your friends can split up to control the zombie horde more effectively. Face A Variety Of Enemies. Big, Small, Fast, 4-Legged, and More! You will encounter many different kinds of zombies in Top Survivors. There a regular zombies, who will eat you alive. Armored zombies are bullet-resistant, and require precise aim to take down. Running and crawling screeching zombies are super fast, and will make a quick meal out of you. Giant, ultra-armored mega-zombies are sure to shiver your timbers. We wouldn’t want to give away too much, so you’ll have to play to find out what other kinds of enemies you will face! Different Weapon Options Propagation: Top Survivors is jam-packed full of different weapon options that you earn as you progress. Shoot down your enemies with tried and true handguns, submachine guns and assault rifles. Char your enemies to a crisp with a fiery flamethrower! Butcher the zombie horde with a bloody chainsaw! And so much more! Prepare Yourself, People Are Going To Love Propagation: Top Survivors Piggybacking off of the success of Propagation: Top Squad, which was easily one of the most played games on the Synthesis VR Platform in 2023, we are confident that Top Survivors will be a smash hit at your LBVR location. We are so excited to get Top Survivors rolled out to VR locations worldwide. Be sure to license and download it Monday, December 18th!

Attention All VR Arcades! Worldwide Mini Golf Tournament and Free Week – Hosted by Synthesis VR and Walkabout Mini Golf

walkabout mini golf vr arcade mini golf tournament hosted by synthesis vr

Walkabout Mini Golf – FREE Commercial License for One Week Step into the spotlight for an exhilarating escapade with Walkabout Mini Golf Free Week! The free week will run from Monday, August 28 to Saturday, September 2, 2023! Get ready, because participating arcades can take advantage of the main event! An opportunity for your players to immerse in the captivating realm of VR Mini Golf absolutely free of charge. Worldwide VR Arcade Event – VR Mini Golf Tournament – September 1-2, 2023 And wait, there’s more! Circle September 1-2 on your calendar! Witness the transformation of each local arcade into a fierce arena. VR Arcades will hosting thrilling tournaments that you won’t want to miss! How does it work? Participating arcades will opt-in, and furthermore will receive promo kits. You can use these promo kits to build hype in your store for the upcoming September event. During the free week, invite players & customers to practice in anticipation for the upcoming tournament. You can advertise and spread the word that your arcade will host a local event on September 1st and 2nd. Your efforts will create buzz in your local community. Tournament Day Comes Prepare yourself for a potential tsunami of new business! On tournament day, you can host new session types and pricing (ex. paying to enter the event not paying per VR session). Give each participant an amount of time. Create your own system (ex. employees rotating participants in and out of your stations). We encourage participating arcades to to keep their own scoring system and provide their own prizes (ex. gift cards to your store). Walkabout Mini Golf will also have a global leaderboard and prize system. How Can My Location Participate? If your arcade is participating, email with the subject “Arcade Tournament Submission” for a promo kit and to submit your top-scoring player (including a scorecard screenshot) for prize eligibility. Hosted by Synthesis VR Now, let’s peel back the curtain and unveil the driving force behind this exhilarating venture – Synthesis VR. Working diligently behind the scenes in collaboration with Mighty Coconut, the brilliant minds behind Walkabout Mini Golf. Synthesis VR is steadfastly dedicated to nurturing a thriving VR arcade community, by laying the foundation for success one headset at a time. Do Not Miss Out! So, my fellow adventurers of the virtual greens, gather your visors and prepare your finest swings! This event is poised to sweep you off your feet! As you stand ready to tee off, remember that while the golf may be miniature, the jubilation is monumental. All thanks to the collaborative marvel orchestrated by Synthesis VR and Mighty Coconut!

Running a location with Android headsets, we think this will help you

Are you aware of SynthesisVR? if not we are a location management and content licensing solution. Why solution, SynthesisVR is the answer to all your issues running a location, using various headsets and game platforms. We have been constantly refining SynthesisVR. Last year we introduced our management platform for Android Standalone headsets, we didn’t sit on our laurels but continued developing and we are pleased to announce another major update that will help VR businesses tremendously. Apart from launching games, sideloading content, and tracking, with SynthesisVR you can also manage your chaperones and create an efficient workflow in a much more easy and more seamless manner. Here are some of the major changes or additions we made: For questions related to the game or Synthesis VR please email

Escape Room VR – Why they are important for VR Locations

Escape Rooms have absolutely exploded in popularity since they were first introduced nearly a decade ago. And who can blame people for loving these highly-engaging and fun-filled experiences that bring people together to complete a series of puzzles and challenges as they fight against the clock! Not us, that’s for sure. With the advancements in Virtual Reality, the possibilities of Escape Rooms have, once again, blossomed! No longer are players constrained by the limitations of space and, beyond that, reality itself! Instead, these new-generation Escape Rooms offer players a gateway into gaming that has never before existed. And for Operators? Well, with an extensive catalog of experiences to add to your library you open the door to incentives and engage with a demographic of location-based entertainment seekers that want to be challenged and want a variety of experiences. After all, traditional Escape Rooms have one fundamental issue: once someone has played and beaten a scenario — that’s it! The only solution for them is a costly revision of their experience, including new game designs and new physical construction, along with the downtime that any changes may require and the training that goes along with it. VR Escape Rooms are fantastic because they simply don’t exist within these limits. Instead, it’s just a matter of putting on the headset and choosing a new experience and… playing. Add to all the above the range of opportunities for team-building events, friendly challenges with friends and family, and the dynamic nature that these simple-yet-complex experiences offer and we can be sure that VR Escape Rooms are only going to continue to grow in popularity. Let’s quickly review some of the most popular experiences: LOCKDOWN VR: “KIDNAPPED” and “CIRCUS OF THE DEAD” are the first two parts in a series of murder-mystery escape rooms where you and your friends are forced to challenge your minds and think your way out before you are trapped forever. In “CIRCUS OF THE DEAD” you and your friends play as backup performers craving fame. As backup performers, you are assigned to an abandoned dressing room where paranormal activities begin occurring. With your performance starting in an hour, you will race against time to break out before losing your mind like the others before you. Not a fan of murder mysteries? No problem! In INCARNA: CHAPTER 1 and 2, you and three of your friends are teleported to a visually stunning world of magic not so different from our own. As you are recruited into an interdimensional team of magic users, abnormalities begin occurring throughout the multiverse. It is up to you and your team to find the source of chaos before all hell breaks loose across dimensions. Unlike LOCKDOWN and INCARNA, ECLIPSE is a science fiction escape room where you and three other explorers are put to the test investigating cockpits, oxygen gardens, hangars & spacewalks. To survive and make it home alive, all crew members must work synchronously to stage a perfect escape. In addition to the gameplay, ECLIPSE features 3 methods of play including “SynthesisVR Game Provisioning”, “In-game lobby”, and “SynthesisVR Game Provisioning with a dedicated game server”. With such a wide variety of playability options, sci-fi escape room fans will have no trouble getting their hands on this game. Like the foundation of many communities, it is up to existing members to nurture and cultivate prospective players in order to create a large community. How can you help grow the VR community? Players can grow the VR community by introducing escape room experiences to more mature demographics. With a larger community and wider adoption of VR technologies, only adds to the innovation to come in the near future. The term “the more the merrier” has never rung so true. SynthesisVR is a premium management and content licensing platform for location-based entertainment centers around the world. For questions related to the game or Synthesis VR please email

How SynthesisVR streaming elevates your FREE ROAM EXPERIENCE

Virtual Reality (VR), which was once seen as an intimidating and expensive technology among the common consumer, has taken a dramatic shift over recent years with the proliferation of affordable VR headsets like the Oculus (Meta) Quest. VR entertainment centers have played a major role in making this technology accessible to players all over the world. Looking ahead, if VR is to continue on its path to widespread accessibility, it is vital for entertainment centers to provide amazing and enjoyable social experiences that cannot be duplicated at home. Instead of trying to offer the most amount of games or sell their technology, locations that are successful in the current market are the ones that continue to provide an amazing customer experience. Speaking of experience, Free Roam, also known as VR Arena, is one of the experiences that cannot be duplicated at home primarily because of the amazing social experience in addition to the overall heightened sense of reality. Although VR centers are aware of this, providing an amazing Free Roam experience has never been easy. There are two main obstacles that locations face: Space Constraints in Technology Space Though space will always be an issue due to high rent, providing a Free-Roam experience increases the ROI dramatically since 4 or more players can occupy the space that would normally take only 2 players for a room-scale or standalone experience. Locations will be served better in finding the right balance in providing room-scale and Free Roam experiences. An arena-based experience that cannot be played at home and that can be sold at a premium price. Game developers have also realized this and are starting to make content that can support 3 or more players in smaller spaces. There will always be a balance when it comes to space and the number of players supported, since cramming too many players in a small space will lead to an uncomfortable experience. Constraints in Technology This is where the most advancements have been made over the past two to three years. In the beginning, locations had to buy very expensive tracking technology (Optitrack anyone) and use backpack PCs. Many locations simply could not afford this and stayed away from providing a Free Roam experience and the ROI did not make any sense given the high initial investment. Down the line with the HTC vive 2.0 base stations, tracking was made affordable for larger spaces and locations were able to provide a Free Roam experience to their consumers. Though the tracking improved, backpack PCs were not the ideal solution. With the advent of the Vive wireless adapter this improved but due to the lack of frequency, only three players could play in the space. Locations got creative by using a backpack pc for the fourth player but still, this was not the ideal solution as backpack PCs were very high maintenance and costly. Wireless adapters were reliable, however, they came with their own set of issues. With the advent of android-based headsets like Meta Quest, Pico, and more recently Focus 3, things have begun to shift in a more positive direction. Streaming software like Airlink, virtual desktop streamer, Vive Business Streaming, and the combination of WiFi 6e have positively impacted locations, improving the ability to provide a Free Roam experience without many constraints. At SynthesisVR, our goal has been simple, we strive for standards and functionalities done in a way beneficial for everyone. Given the reliance of the listed applications on specific brands and hardware, we realize we actually need an Ultimate Streaming Solution that can elevate the Free Roam experience and make it easier to provide players with a unique social experience without any constraints, one that would work across all current and future VR headsets. This gives us the pleasure to introduce QuarkXR – a company that we have known for more than 6 years. The SynthesisVR <-> QuarkXR collaboration was founded to provide the PERFECT streaming solution for all VR arcades worldwide. Benefits A tiny Windows streaming app is all that is needed, supporting all the standalone VR headsets, and requires no external accounts or extra applications Simple PCVR<->HMD pairing process No visual interactions by the player/customer HMD hot-swap/replacing the connected HMD without closing the game Variable bitrate settings for maximum control over the stream’s performance/quality Unified Kiosk Mode across multiple HMD brands Persistent VR Streaming mode Easy switch between VR streaming and individual on-device VR sessions No overhaul for the arcades – the QuarkXR streaming is completely free for SynthesisVR customers! Click here for all our Free Roam experiences! If you have any questions regarding this post or how to take advantage of this new solution please email

A brief history of VR streaming

VR headsets and issues faced by the early adopters With the first wave of modern VR headsets, the cables have always been a struggle. Figuring out the cable management can be a problem on its own, but cables breaking every 2 to 4 months has always been a huge (sensible is the wrong word to use here) problem. One that leads to extra expenses as those cables are not cheap by any means. Things get even worse when an HMD manufacturer releases a new model and the replacement cables for the previous generation slowly but surely go out of stock. First Generation Solutions What emerged as a solution is to attach a power bank to the HMD and simply stream the video/audio output. The very first attempt came from the Chinese company TPCast. Though the solution worked, it had many drawbacks – an extra router for the WirelessHD technology, audio/microphone issues, and codec quality (vertical green lines cannot go unnoticed). Less than a year later, HTC released its “Vive Wireless Adapter” – a solution based on Intel® WiGig and a notable improvement over the first streaming attempt. Still, the Vive Wireless Adapter came up with two major flaws – it requires a PCI card, making the entire solution not supported for laptops. Worse, due to frequency licensing reasons, the WiGig technology allows up to 3 devices in the same play space, making it hard for adoption in a free-roam environment. Still, we have seen some creative approaches like mixing Vive Wireless with backpack PCs. Over time, the backpack solution emerged as the preferred free-roam setup, but again, it came up with its own flaws. This time it turned out to be the quick degradation of the batteries and the overly questionable product lifespan. More Band-Aid Solutions What came up next is a client<->server software called Virtual Desktop (VD). VD turned out to be a good VR streaming solution that has seen a lot of updates and good adoption. It became even more popular with the release of the WiFi 6E technology and its adoption in the XR2 Qualcomm chip (used in devices like Meta Quest 2, Pico Neo 3 Pro, and Focus 3). In 2021, Oculus released its own streaming solution called AirLink. Other notable applications are the “Pico Link” app for the Pico Interactive ecosystem and “Vive Business Streaming” by HTC. All those applications do a great job, but how good are they for commercial use? Virtual Desktop – the application is good, but it gets more and more updates tailored to the home users … things you don’t want your users to mess up with. AirLink – the streaming functionality is part of the Windows Oculus application and as such, it requires a Facebook account. Pico Link – over the past 2 years, Synthesis has contributed multiple suggestions to the Pico streaming software and it only gets better Vive Business Streaming (VBS) – the app is pretty good and can be paired to a PC without the need for user interactions, but still, it heavily relies on the HTC’s LBE support and is locked to the HTC ecosystem What SynthesisVR wants to achieve? At SynthesisVR, we strive for an open ecosystem. We strive for standards and functionalities done in a way beneficial for everyone. Given the reliance of the listed applications on specific brands and hardware, we realized we actually need an Ultimate Streaming Solution – one that would work across all current and future VR headsets. Introducing QuarkXR – a company that we have known for more than 6 years. Back in 2016, QuarkXR gave us a demo of their first VR streaming solution. Since then, QuarkXR is on a consistent growth path and with successfully completed projects for major corporations like Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Vodafone, Ericsson, and others. What does this mean for the LBE/LBVR ecosystem? The SynthesisVR <-> QuarkXR collaboration was established with the sole goal of providing the PERFECT streaming solution for all the VR arcades worldwide: Benefits of this collaboration A tiny Windows streaming app is all that is needed, supporting all the standalone VR headsets and requires no external accounts or extra applications Simple PCVR<->HMD pairing process No visual interactions by the player/customer HMD hot-swap/replacing the connected HMD without closing the game Variable bitrate settings for maximum control over the stream’s performance/quality Unified Kiosk Mode across multiple HMD brands Persistent VR Streaming mode Easy switch between VR streaming and individual on-device VR sessions No overhaul for the arcades – the QuarkXR streaming is completely free for the SynthesisVR customers! If you have any questions regarding this post or how to take advantage of this new solution please email

If you are in the business of developing VR content, you must read this!

A breakthrough update. Los Angeles, CA (February 14, 2022) — XR Immersive Tech Inc. (“Immersive Tech”, or the “Company”) (CSE: VRAR) (FSE:79W) (OTCQB: FNTTF) is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Synthesis VR Inc. (“Synthesis VR”) is to release full support for Android-based virtual reality (“VR”) head-mounted displays (“HMD”) and XR devices. SynthesisVR, the leading Location-Based Virtual Reality (LBVR) content distribution and facility management platform, is happy to announce the completion of a year-long R&D phase aiming at the standalone/mobile head-mounted displays (HMD). During the initial phase, SynthesisVR had released 3 top-quality free-roam games aiming at the standalone LBVR market – Cops vs Robbers by Reality on Demand Studios, MissionX by Holomia, and Oddball by Beyond Studio. The 3 games garnered a lot of interest thus further motivating SynthesisVR to bring its full plethora of services to standalone HMDs. As SynthesisVR is preparing to release its so-called *Breakthrough* update for Meta Quest 2™, HTC Focus 3™, and Pico Neo 3 Pro™, the updated platform is already open and is accepting submissions for Android games and content from existing and new content developers. The new Synthesis DRM and SDK have been streamlined for both PCVR and mobile HMDs and extensively tested against all the available 6DoF (Degree of Freedom) standalone VR headsets. If you are in the business of developing VR content or new to Location-Based VR or simply want to know more Get in touch at!       A Shabeer Sinnalebbe, Head of XR Business Platforms of XR Immersive and former CEO of Synthesis VR states: We are excited to start 2022 with a product of such importance. By creating a Synthesis Android DRM, content creators can securely distribute and manage content on all windows and android HMDs now. By expanding the platform, Synthesis VR is the first to offer a solution for both PC-based VR and any Android-based standalone HMDs, such as Meta Quest 2, Pico Neo 2/3 Pro, HTC VIVE Focus 3, and others. The Company believes this is a major step as it will benefit VR operators and content creators worldwide.  Sales of Android headsets are estimated to be in the millions of units per year and forecast to continue growing at an exponential pace, representing increasing opportunities in the LBVR space. The Company believes its first-mover advantage and continued innovation will cement it and Synthesis VR as key drivers for growth in the LBVR industry. Content creators can now take advantage of this exponential growth in the coming years and distribute their content regardless of the operating System the HMD is operating. This is an important factor in the ever-evolving LBVR industry. Note: All brands and product names are owned by their respective companies. SynthesisVR is a premium management and content licensing platform for location-based entertainment centers around the world. For questions related to the game or Synthesis VR please email

Rhythmatic – The top rhythm game now free until March 2021!

Rhythmatic hits the top 20 after just 2 weeks and Blackwall Labs make it free until March! After an extensive BETA period, the arcade exclusive, multiplayer, beat slicer, Rhythmatic was released on December the 1st. Just 2 weeks later and the game is already among the highest trending games on SynthesisVR. In what we are sure will be a much-appreciated Christmas present – developer Blackwall Labs have decided to make the game totally free for arcades until February 28th, 2021.  In a statement, founder Dan Perrin said: We want to say a huge thank you to everyone in the community……we are absolutely delighted to tell you that Rhythmatic is one of the highest trending games on SynthesisVR chart just 2 weeks after release.  We couldn’t have done this without your help, feedback and support. We know that this year has been a tough one for everyone, but we believe that 2021 will be much brighter once we reach the early Spring. To show our appreciation and also to help people get through these last hard months we have decided to make both Rhythmatic totally free for you and your locations until February 28th And if that’s not enough to give you the feeling of Christmas cheer – the London based company will also make their debut experience ‘NYC Bungee’ free for the same period too….a move which will delight those looking for a great looking fear of heights classic!  Arcades and LBE’s don’t need to do anything….just look for the game on Synthesis and make the most of this license-free period. Impending updates to the game will also add up to 12 player support (with the capability to host 6 vs 6 battles) as well as 5 new and exclusive tracks from the worlds of dubstep, drum and bass, house, and Rock! Safe to say Rhythmatic is living up to its unprecedented hype!


VRMIS Arena at 20% OFF for SynthesisVR customers   Los Angeles – March, 2020   KAT VRMIS Arena – Take your VR Entertainment to the next level KAT VRMIS (Multiplayer Infinite Space) Arena is a cutting-edge virtual reality gaming arena customized to effectively meet the requirements of modern E-Sport. VRMIS system breaks the limitations of time and space allowing many players to simultaneously enter the same digital world and together experience unforgettable adventures in VR. The omnidirectional treadmill applied in KAT VRMIS work in 6DOF making infinite and unrestricted physical actions possible on even the smallest spaces! KAT VRMIS Arena is not only a much more immersive experience than traditional thumb stick controlled locomotion solutions but also much safer and more space-efficient than other solutions. With KAT VRMIS your customers will experience the true future of VR gaming and come back for more! That’s right, that means sustainable long-term profit source for your business!     What SynthesisVR partnership with KAT VR Offers You? The SynthesisVR customers can purchase the KAT VRMIS Arena at 20% OFF! This solution is a full package of the Arena construction, station control, omni-directional treadmills, the lightings and many more, where the customers can successfully host E-Sport events and competitions. This discount is applicable on all items in the KAT VRMIS.       Not Convinced? What would it take to make your location a leader in Virtual Reality Entertainment!   High Throughput – KAT VRMIS utilizes the world’s first and only non-restrictive omni-directional treadmills. KAT Walk mini allows for deeply immersive walking, running, strafing and even jumping crouching and sitting down in a tiny footprint, increasing efficiency and profit. Return of Investment – A complete plug & play hardware solution optimized for maximum space usage with minimum staff requirement, it is integrated with SynthesisVR platform and can be completely managed centrally. E-Sport – Customer retention and interest is at a high level with e-sports integration. KAT VRMIS Arena breaks the limitations of time and space allowing many players to simultaneously enter the same digital world and together experience unforgettable adventures in VR. Together with SynthesisVR leaderboard integration, an all in one platform to meet the requirements of modern E-Sport. Reduce Cost – With SynthesisVR that automates and simplifies most tasks and a central management platform, not only can you minimize the staff requirement but perform daily operations at a much more efficient manner. Scale Your Business– KAT VRMIS is optimized to provide high management freedom and allow for system adaptation to the needs of the specific arcade. The entire system is modular and supports multiple setups (2/4/6/8/12/16 or even more treadmills) and with a host of features provided by SynthesisVR like streaming, memberships, customer management and reporting it is not a question of if but when you want to scale.   SynthesisVR & KAT VR Synergy The combination of our technological advantages allows for more. Benefit from the unique synergy that VRMIS Arena and SynthesisVR Platform offer to your VR business and stand out among your local competitors. KAT VR – Company Profile