Access Point 3.21.X – Release Notes

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Version 3.21.9 – 8th March, 2024

  • SynthesisVR Proxy Version 3.21.9:
    • A Local Manager related optimization
  • Access Point (Windows) Version 3.21.9:
    • Fix: A Steam related bug appeared at the beginning of March, causing the Access Point to sporadically crash.
    • Fix: Along with the previous bug, SteamVR also started to report some incorrect data, causing the Synthesis “Steam Lock” functionality to misbehave.
    • Fix: Upon downloading multiple games, the next queued download may require user interaction
    • Fix: VR Menu could misbehave with some multiplayer games (no “Start” button for either of the players)
    • Fix: KatIO could cause 60seconds freeze of the Access Point app
    • Fix: Under certain conditions, the installed Steam games are not detected
    • Fix: Custom images are no longer stretched on the VR Menu mirror and are now properly resized to the screen.
    • New: The Steam Lock functionality + the automated launch of the 3D environments is now unlocked for the “Essential Access + VR Session Manager”
    • New: The VR Menu mirror is now transparent if there is a game running underneath
    • New Synthesis Engine game integration method – Live Config file
    • New: Synthesis Engine now supports multiple communication method with a single game instance
    • New: Detection for Antivirus apps
    • New: the Idle Playback now allows picking file types. The option can be toggled through the Settings menu, as well through the F2 keyboard button
    • Deprecated: MixCast Support
    • OpenVR SDK is updated to version 2.2.3
    • Other QoL improvements
    • RustDesk related optimization
  • Local Manager Version 2024.4:
    • Improvements to the Standalone content installation process
    • Android HMDs: An ADB session now can be open directly through LM
    • Fix: the station status row may not appear if Synthesis is not running on the HMD
    • New: unsubscribed and no longer installed games are now hidden from the general games dropdown menu
    • The LM settings now allow hiding the blocked games (games installed through other sources, but inaccessible through LM because of missing Synthesis modules)
    • Other QoL and stability improvements as well minor fixes

Version 3.21.7 – 24th January, 2024

  • SynthesisVR Proxy Version 3.21.7:
    • Local Manager functionalities
  • Access Point (Android) Version 2.12.1:
    • New Local Manager functionalities
    • General optimizations
  • Access Point (Windows) Version 3.21.7:
    • General optimizations
    • Minor fixes related to Essential Access + the Scheduler add-on
    • Latest OpenVR driver
  • MobileFuel End-of-Life update:
    • Please migrate to the superious Local Manager app
  • Local Manager Version 2024.1:
    • This version incorporates all MobileFuel functionalities
    • Added support for provisioning new HMDs to SynthesisVR
    • ADB multi-device support
    • Android actions Queue (content installation across multiple devices)
    • Android screen mirroring
    • Bugfixes and overall improvements
  • Little Planet Launcher:
    • Bugfix causing Little Planet to crash when there are no categories assigned to the session

Version 3.21.6 – 2nd January, 2024

  • SynthesisVR Proxy:
    • Support for upcoming Local Manager functionalities
  • Access Point / Windows:
    • RaceRoom pre-release support
    • Interface adjustments related to the Ultimate plan
    • Added RegEx support to Synthesis Engine
    • New whitelisted Nvidia and Windows apps
    • Bigfix: Live data could display incorrect running game
    • Other minor bug fixes

Version 3.21.5 – 10th December, 2023

  • Access Point / Windows:
    • 3.21.4 Hotfix for possibly missing Synthesis Engine session IDs
    • Support for Propagation: Top Survivors

Version 3.21.4 – 5th December, 2023

  • Access Point / Windows:
    • Optimizations related to PCVR setups using streaming
    • The support for the now obsolete CDN plan has been removed
    • RustDesk automatic settings provisioning for the official RustDesk installer
    • The Access Point would no longer try to launch SteamVR under the Essential Access subscription
    • Downloading games from the Synthesis CDN would no longer pause during gameplay
    • New Synthesis Engine condition: is_strikervr

Version 3.21.3 – 2nd November, 2023

  • Access Point / Windows:
    • The recently released Steam + SteamVR 2.0.<NN> updates have major issues that cause the SynthesisVR menu to remain open upon launching a game. This SynthesisVR update contains workarounds that will be in place until Valve addresses the issue on its end. Valve is notified as well.
    • StrikerVR Support (Windows Only)

Version 3.21.2 – 23th October, 2023

  • Access Point / Windows:
    • OpenVR SDK upgraded to version 1.26.7
    • New SynthesisVR Engine functionalities
    • New automation smart-switch functionality for games that support but do not require a dedicated game server
    • Windows DRM support for Elysium Trials
    • [New] Ubisoft detection
    • If minimized before restart, AP will launch in minimized mode
    • [Bugfix] If the subscription is to be renewed, some buttons could disappear a couple of hours earlier (was only affecting negative GMT time zones)
  • Access Point / Android (version 2.11.8):
    • New SynthesisVR Engine functionalities
    • New automation smart-switch functionality for games that support but do not require a dedicated game server
    • Stability and speed-related optimizations

Version 3.21.1 – 7th August, 2023

  • Access Point / Windows:
    • Multiple SynthesisVR Engine & Lobby improvements / extended automation support
    • Chunked CDN download – upon interrupting the download process for large CDN files, the file download would no longer restart
    • The CDN download process now features a green bar indicating the file extraction progress
    • Improved mouse click simulation when the server game is in full-screen mode
    • Initial support for upcoming subscription plans
    • Standalone Game Server improvement – sessions managed by an operator and limited to just 1 game announce the game through multiple lobby channels. This could have resulted in undesired game closure.
    • Optimized SteamVR Lock reaction time
    • Optimized Demo Mode
    • LocalManager v2023 integration
    • OpenXR Runtime detection
    • QoL improvements
    • “Floating Server” improvements
    • Log file improvements – when Synthesis is unable to rotate the log file, it could have possibly grown exponentially in size
    • Disabled MixCast support
  • Access Point / Android (version 2.11.2):
    • Multiple SynthesisVR Engine & Lobby improvements / extended automation support
    • Optimized new content detection speed
    • Remote content uninstall support for Focus 3 and Pico Neo 3 Pro / Pico 4 Enterprise
    • Fixed ANR crash
    • Improved PCVR streaming reconnect time
    • LocalManager v2023 integration
    • Other QoL improvements
  • Proxy:
    • LocalManager v2023 integration
    • Automated RustDesk detection
    • Improvements related to remote content installation on Focus 3 and Pico Neo 3 Pro / Pico 4 Enterprise HMDs

Version 3.21.0 – 27th February, 2023

  • Access Point / Windows:
    • “Environment Profiles” support
    • Extended support for the dedicated “Spectator View” functionality
    • Official RustDesk support
    • Synthesis Engine support for sideloaded content. As an example, you can automatically click the Start button in Vivecraft
    • Bugfix: the “Update” button could be missing under Content Events
    • Multiple other under-the-hood improvements and support for upcoming functionalities and games
    • Renewed application certificate
  • Proxy:
    • “Environment Profiles” cache
    • Multicast Auto-Discovery improvements
    • Renewed application certificate

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