Synthesis VR Proxy – Cloud Proxy for Enterprise – Amazon / AWS

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1. Subscribe for the SynthesisVR Proxy Image on the AWS Marketplace and launch your instance

We do recommend the Medium General Purpose AWS instances (t2.medium ; t3.medium ; t3a.medium).

As with any other AWS Windows-based instances, make sure your RDP port allows external connections or you could be unable to connect to your instance.

2. Register

Upon RDP connecting to your instance for the first time, the “Local Manager” app will automatically launch in full-screen mode and will unveil the SynthesisVR registration process. Enter your details and you’ll be emailed a code. Enter the code under your newly created instance and wait for the installation process to complete. It could take a couple of minutes.

3. Finalize

Your Proxy installation is done and your SynthesisVR Access Point instances would automatically detect and connect to your newly installed Cloud Proxy.

Note: The Cloud Proxy installation process is streamlined, but it also may not be straightforward for businesses who do not have previous experience with AWS. Please do not hesitate to seek assistance from hundreds of certified AWS professionals or hire a QuarkXR or SynthesisVR engineer as well.

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