Access Point 3.22.X – Release Notes

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Access Point 3.22.X – Release Notes

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Version 3.22.0 – 8th March, 2024

  • Access Point (Windows) Version 3.22.0:
    • New:
      • Engine “case” condition for easier game automation
      • LiveConfig” game communication method
      • OfflineAPI support for PortalX third-party payment processors
      • Optional Authentication header for the OfflineAPI
      • StrikerVR Bridge Mode support
      • Extended support for “floating” game servers
    • Adjustments:
      • Optimizations related to the latest SteamVR updates
      • The old (and kept for backward compatibility) Synthesis REST communication method is now disabled in favor of the WebSocket communication
      • Fix: Unused stations could become part of a game server session for games with disabled Session Integrity checks
      • Fix: Games developed in Unreal Engine and having pending updates might not be successfully verified until the game update is applied
      • The Leaderboard data might not be tracked for Local Manager based sessions when two consecutive sessions are run for the same game

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