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Add "How did you hear about us?" option

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Go to “Administration >> Advanced Settings >> Online & Email Settings >> Web Widgets & API”. Create or edit your booking widget and add the following option:

  • How did you hear about us?

Scroll down to “Add HTML before the BODY tag closure” and append the following lines:

  • <script>
    window.svr.howdidyouhearaboutus = [
    'Friend told me'
  • window.svr.OnEmailValidateEvent = function() {
    $('#howdidyouhearaboutus').replaceWith('<div><select id="howdidyouhearaboutus" data-view="howdidyouhearaboutus" style="font-size: 1.5em;height: 50px;width:100%;" class="form-control">' +,idx){ return '<option value="'+t+'">'+t+'</option>' }) + '</select></div>');

Make the option visible under the customer profiles:

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